Are you a real stray? quiz

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This is a short test about the Stray Kids members

  • 1
    How many members do stray kids have (come on you have to this one right!)
  • 2
    3racha members are?
  • 3
    Before Minho was in Stray Kids he was...

  • 4
    The leader is
  • 5
    The maknae is
  • 6
    Their first song was

  • 7
    Which member left the group? Sadly...
  • 8
    How old is hyunjin? 2020
  • 9
    Jeongins age? (2020 )
  • 10
    When did stray kids debut?

  • 11
    Who is oldest in stay kids?
  • 12
    Who is the main rapper in stray kids?
  • 13
    Who is main vocalist?
  • 14
    Which members left in the show?
  • 15
    Last but not least


Comments (12)


277 days ago
I love stray kids they are so funny and thank u for making this amazing test
766 days ago
chan is the oldest i know that
814 days ago
HYUNJIN IS BACK is right there are mistakes
817 days ago
uh i think you made some mistakes sorry, minho is the maknae etc
852 days ago
Hey.. i liked the quiz but there's many faults.. their first song was District 9 not Hellevator.. Chan is older than Minho.. and if Jeongin was 19, Hyunjin will be 20 and he was born in 2000 so in 2020 he's 20 and not 19.. and the main vocalist is Seungmin and not Chan
887 days ago
uhhhh this quiz is cap
933 days ago
I'm just saying not being rude Chan is older than Minho and there first song was district 9
1030 days ago
hyunjins age is 20 or 21 (international/korean), he is not the same age as jeongin. chan is born in 1997 and minho 1998, so chan is older. seungmin is the main vocalist right now :(
1052 days ago
Just to clarify Minho is younger than Chan! Chan was born in 1997 and Minho was born in 1998. Also the main vocalist is Seungmin, not Chan. And Hyunjin is definitely 20 lol he was born March 20, 2020 so unless this was made before his birthday this year that is also incorrect-
1065 days ago
omg chan is older than minhooo minho is the 2nd oldest lmao AND SEUNGMIN IS THE MAIN VOCALIST WDYM-
1240 days ago
Uhhhh i think im a bigger stay then you. this is sad if you think that minho is older than chan and that you think that chan is the main vocalist. its obviously seungmin
1270 days ago
Chan is older than Minho, he was born 97 and Minho 98