Answer these questions to find your dream career

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This quiz will tell you if your better fit to be a photographer, a deep sea diver or, an astronaut.

  • 1
    Which activity sounds more fun to you?
  • 2
    Which outfit sounds cooler?
  • 3
    Which poster would you hang in your room?

  • 4
    Which Color do you like better?
  • 5
    Which vacation would you do?
  • 6
    Which Shape do you like better?

  • 7
    Which family activity do you like better?
  • 8
    Which store would you rather buy from?
  • 9
    Which Snow globe do you like better?
  • 10
    Which sounds more fun?

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1226 days ago
most of it is about space and photography
1336 days ago
FIRST COMMENT! lol I'm the creator 🤣😂