What kind of pretty are you?

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Are you that girl that everyone stares at, or are you that girl that everyone loves because of your cute innocence? You could be cute and innocent, pretty and trendy or girly and beautiful!

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    What do you usually wear?

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150 days ago
Oh honey, don’t let mean popular girls get to you. Not all popular girls are mean coz I’m one and all of my friends and me are kind to every one regardless of how you look. Not saying I don’t have a reputation for being a bit sassy and flirty with boys. But just remember to keep your head up high and dress how you want, coz haters gonna hate but they are most likely just jealous of you. Another thing me and my friends became popular by being nice to others, so if they are mean they most likely aren’t that popular people are just afraid to say no to them because of their so called power. Keep dressing how you want and be the babe you want to be!!!!!💋💋💋👋👋😉
184 days ago
I don't think the quiz is saying that wealth is related to beauty. It's trying to figure out just WHAT KIND, not HOW beautiful you are.
185 days ago
How is wealth related to how pretty you are ? Prettiness should be based on your personality.
192 days ago
I got “omg! Your hot and pretty” thanks! But being rich doesn’t always make you hotter.
199 days ago
Hey Person, your pretty is probably simple. Can't say this quiz is all good. . . Also, are you saying the popular girls at your school are girly? Because if that's true, then OMG! All the popular girls at my school aren't girly. In fact, out of the entire 6th grade, I'm the only girly girl. I'm not unpopular, I'm average. All the popular girls at my school like trendy, basic, vsco-inspired outfits. One or two popular girls really don't like me, but most are fine with me. One semi-popular girl told me I was weird because I dressed too girly and wore too much makeup. I just sort-of told some of my friends and my first friend was like, "Well, that top you wore yesterday was pretty low. We could almost see your bra!" Then my second friend didn't say anything and stared at the floor, My third friend bit her lip and said, "Well. . . I'm not trying to be mean, but you are kind of babyish." My fourth friend was like, "Guys, stop. You're hurting her feelings!" She looked towards me. I started to cry and my mascara was running and she said, "She just has a different style from us." I ran to the bathroom. My first and third friend started running after me and apologizing. Then, we saw the same semi-popular girl in the restroom and she saw me crying. She stared at me and laughed. My first friend motioned me to go in the stall and I did. While I was in the stall, my third friend was arguing with the semi-popular girl. Then a really popular girl (that's okay with me)came in and asked the semi-popular girl,"What is going on? Are you saying mean stuff about (my name)?" Then I came out and told her the whole story. Not what I told you, but ALL the mean stuff the semi-popular girl's done to me. It was so funny bc the semi-popular girl was sweating and scared of what the very popular girl was going to say. The very popular girl just said the the semi-popular girl,"I need to talk to you about something." Then they got out of the bathroom sat went to where all the popular girls sat at and started to talk about something I couldn't hear. 5 minutes later, the semi-popular girl said sorry and never said anything mean to me again.

So, does anyone else have popular girls at their school that like trendy, basic, vsco-inspired outfits?? Or is my school super unique?
199 days ago
It said I was girly which is like the opposite of me. I've hated pink forever and the popular girls are stupid.
204 days ago
I got beautiful and girly. That's actually true. Good quiz!