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Missing Hurts

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This whole social distancing thing stinks for everyone, so this is a story about a girl who, well, is in social distancing.

"Ivy!" My best friend, Nina, called.
"Hi!" Through the phone, her voice is really static-y. Our WiFi sucks, so her voice is cut off and elongated when she speaks. But being besties, I can figure out what she says no problem.
"Well, this isn't so bad. We basically get a unexpected vacation with minimal school work!" Okay, I take my previous statement back. I think Nina is talking in a different language.
"Sorry, my WiFi is really bad, so I can't understand what you're saying right now. Just text?"
"Sure!" I hang up, and immediately get a ping on my phone from Nina. It's the weirdest gif of a penguin and a cat. The penguin is holding up a container of hand sanitizer and the cat has a speech bubble saying "Aww, lucky!", with a caption at the bottom saying "2020 cool". I text back "lol", and see the dots pop up immediately. She's a fast typer.

Her: Ikr! So funny
Me: And quite true
Her: Don't tell me you're taking this srsly? Everyone's just making a big deal about nothing
Me: Of course not, just saying its true
Her: Ivy, I know those words anywhere. Trust me, it's gonna be fine
Me: Thx
Me: Hows you're social life going? Any big plans?
Her: Oh ya, for sure ;)
Me: Ya. This whole social distancing thing does suck tho
Her: Ya
Me: Gtg, mom's calling me ttyl
Her: Ttyl
Her: (gif: cat rolling over and saying goodbye)

Mom wasn't really calling me. I know, it wasn't very nice of me, but the more I talked to Nina, the more reality hit me. We really are stuck here. And I miss everyone. I've never missed my teachers before or something, but now I do...

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