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All About Me!

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This is about me. My name is Karina Jinelle Pena, I was born November 29th 2009, 9 PM. I was the daughter of Lissette Pena and Flavio Vaz. When I was 2 my father went to jail and didn't get out till I was almost 9.

Hello, I am Karina Jinelle Pena, I was born the night of November 29th 2009, I was born from a C-Section, this chapter is the start of my life. My mother is Lissette Pena, and my father is Flavio Vaz. by the way, Pena is pronounced "Pen-yea" but more of a upbeat tone at the A. My mother had around 5-10 dogs and then kept 1 named Cyrus and he would let me lay on him! I loved my whole life but my father went to jail when I was 2. For most of my life they all lied and said he was in school to become a better father. I didn't really care since I was a toddler with sill a huge family! On my mothers Instagram she has many pictures of me from age 1 all the way to age 10. I didn't have a care in the world but when I was 5 was when everything went downhill for ME, I had a best friend named Gianna and both our moms did the same thing, smoked. We had the best relationship ever, yes she was white, I am light chocolate. I had another best friend that was darker than me and I didn't like her that much but she was still my friend and I was nice to everybody. One time we had a contest with my whole little Raynham complex thing. We went to two poles and one stood Gianna, and the other stood my friend and we would walk over to who we liked the most and everybody went to Gianna and like 1-3 people went to my other friend. I went to Gianna, but one day a mailman came her Gianna's house when we were playing and our moms read it and it said they had to move. I was in tears, I didn't want to lose my best friend, but she was being FORCED to move. So they did, they were gone, I had no best friend other than the other girl. Gianna would've been the girl that helped me through anything. Now onto the next chapter, where I am in 1st grade to 2nd grade!

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188 days ago
BTW, Karina, I gave your story 5 out of 5 stars. plz plz read my story.
188 days ago
Cool. Check out my story:I'm An Unpopular Girly Girl. Here's the link: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1587074371/Im-An-Unpopular-Girly-Girl-Part-1