Which Warrior Cat are you?

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Find out which Warrior Cat you are! (not made up Warrior Cats... Warrior Cats from books)

  • 1
    Who would be you best friend?
  • 2
    Which position do you prefer?
    Which position do you prefer?
  • 3
    Fox-dung! A fight at the gathering! you...
    Fox-dung! A fight at the gathering! you...

  • 4
    Ambush! You...
    Ambush! You...
  • 5
    Which clan would you be in?
  • 6
    A rouge is in your territory! you...

  • 7
    Do you want a mate?
    Do you want a mate?
  • 8
    Your best friend has a mate from another clan! You..
  • 9
    An enemy is drowning in the lake! you...
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (13)


5 days ago
I'm nightmare fred bear to destroy you all!!!!!!!!!!!!MAHHAHAHAHAHA
44 days ago
what!!!!!!!!!I got firestar Lol
61 days ago
Twigbranch! Twigbranch is Thunderclan's loyal warrior. But before that, she struggled with her identity. She grew up in Thunderclan, parted with her sister, but when she found her dad, things changed. She joined Skyclan, thinking she would be happy, but she wasn't. She came back to Thunderclan with Finleap and is an amazing cat.

(Twigbranch is the gray cat)
72 days ago
I’m Twigbranch! She’s one of my FAVORITE CATS!
129 days ago
I know RiverClan is one of my favorites. You should've added it.
129 days ago
Whoo hoo! Leafpool!!
167 days ago
I got Twigbranch though why wasn’t riverclan an option
174 days ago
i luv firestar he genoreouse and awesome!!!
185 days ago
I got Firestar... he doesn't really fit with any of my choices though. Also, how come WindClan isn't an option?
193 days ago
200????? whattttt!?!?!? Thank u for taking this test!
196 days ago
How is it depressing?
196 days ago
Firestar, my best friend is Firestar. That is depressing,
199 days ago
Twigbranch! I love Twigbranch!