Are you an egirl, emo, punk, or poser?

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This quiz will decide whether you are an egirl, emo, punk or poser. This quiz is only to be taken by alt people so if you’re not alt then this isn’t for you. Oh and it’s brutal.

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    What’s your favorite genre of music?

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166 days ago
I was born an altie and I'm proud of it
362 days ago
Ahh I don't like edgy I like gore and goth and kawaii but I hate billie eilish and I don't listen to those other musicians, only game osts and 2000s electronic music

I "bleached" my hair not dyed but same thing?, I like creating and love music but I just don't know if I'm alt or not,

I'm not begging to be one but my ytuber says she is and we have a few things in common alt-wise, I didn't even know this was a thing until I heard it but I don't wear tattoos and belts :/ ???

could someone tell me? I hate being treated different from society and ridiculed for being "different" but I guess it's in the name
399 days ago
450 days ago
welp i am a egirl aparently-
577 days ago
someone called me a poser today bc i couldnt name my favorite nirvana song (i was wearing a nirvana shirt) and 3 mcr songs. To add onto that, i couldnt remember who the lead singer of mcr is. I have a 💋 memory and im so bad with song names, but i sound like im just making excuses when I say that. the person who called me a poser was someone who i thought was really cool too.. o looked up to them a lot.
659 days ago
"You’re punk. I’ve got nothing to say to you except you’re 🚔 cool."
cheers i guess :D i'm trying to get an understanding of the current internet alt culture, but all i've achieved so far is the words "alt", " aesthetic" and "tiktok" triggering my fight or flight mode :D i mean, some of the diy is really cool, but if i see one more person claiming billie eilish is grunge i will get violent
681 days ago
hey this is ur reminder that you're valid. this quiz doesnt represent the alt community for 🐤.
684 days ago
So an e-kid is just a watered down emo? I thought being in the alt community was about being yourself, not caring about what anyone thinks and expressing it. I would have been okay with this “quiz” if it just told you what it thought you fit most with, but no the creator throws around all this aggressive gatekeeping rhetoric about you not belonging in the community or not being a true alt.
699 days ago
Right, I'm a poser.....
828 days ago
You’re emo. You’re the type of person that can be found lurking in the corner of hot topic listening to mcr. Also how’s MySpace doing? Didn’t think anyone uses it anymore. ... yeah that's pretty accurate
843 days ago
You’re a poser. I’m not sorry because it’s the truth. You listen to Billie Eilish or tøp and you think you’re alt. I hate gatekeeping but get the 🚔 out of the community (Sorry but I am a E-girl that lesions to BTS and EXO)
870 days ago
also does electrocnic emo music count? or am i a poser??
870 days ago
how do convince my parents to let me wear kandi outside of the house? i really like them and i made alot but my mom says i looks silly :(
872 days ago
This is kinda wrong. Alt fashions also include decora, lolita, and others. Just cause something isn’t black or dark doesn’t mean ur a poser lmao that’s stupid. Alt fashion is whenever u wear something that is set apart from mainstream fashion and it doesn’t mean it’s only egirl emo or punk. I hate the term poser. That’s my opinion but it’s stupid cause whenever someone wears alt fashion that isn’t dark they’re called a poser, which isn’t true. I’m not sure i completely understand the term cause so many people say it’s when people only wear the fashion and don’t listen to music. Others say it’s cause they only listen to the music and not wear the fashion. And a bunch call people posers cause they wear brightly colored clothing. I can’t explain how much I hate that term. But either way thanks for reading my rant.
888 days ago
Apparently, I'm a poser and I need to "gtfo of the community". Lol
Nice to know that because people's interests are outside of your box, they're invalid. I would've taken it seriously, but something tells me the creator did.
904 days ago
well I am deffinatly emo, but i already knew that.
973 days ago
emo af
1138 days ago
Cool quiz I tried it a few times putting in different answers (I’m sooo bored😂😅) and the poser answer is... well I don’t agree with it bc all people are different so why should we put ourself into boxes? Humans shouldn’t have certain personality traits and know certain things just to wear a style of clothes 😅 I mean I get where the creator of this quiz is coming from but I just think be yourself no matter what weird mix of *styles* or aesthetics you are and no one should be ashamed of that. Just my option, no hate. Have a nice day to whoever is reading this!!!