Am I transgender?

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(You're taking all of these, aren't you?) This can't tell you what gender you are - that's pretty metaphysical, all things considered - but it CAN help you figure out if you're trans, no matter where you are now or where you might be going.

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3 days ago
im a boy, i want to be a girl, but im more attracted to girls, help
15 days ago
Marsha- I'm having the same kind of problem! I thought I was just a lesbian but now I'm think I could be trans!
17 days ago
I am a lesbian and a transgender.... uh...... a little help! why is this so...idk confusing???
19 days ago
Just writing this cuz I saw Emmett's comment beneath mine.
You can totally be trans and not want bottom surgery. Or top surgery for that matter. Or anything people normally associate with transitioning or being a certain gender. The point is to make your body feel comfortable to you, not to fulfill people's expectations of what a person of your gender should look like.
22 days ago
It says I'm trans, but I've only had these feelings for like 2 weeks. I hate the way girls dress, and I wish I could dress like boys. The thing is I'm not sure if I want to be called a boy, or I'm not sure if I want hormones when I get older. I really want hormone blockers, but I'm just really confused. I've always dressed somewhat neutrally. Another thing is that I always go by a masculine name online and he/him pronouns even through I'm a girl. When I was younger, I used to act like I was the boy with legos, while my sisters we're the girls, (Not sure if that means anything) and I always wanted boy attributes. The main thing that confuses me is that if you don't want bottom surgery, are you even trans? I don't know sometimes I wish I was born a boy.
23 days ago
I know the answer already but am too conflicted with myself to even open up. I know there are other people like me but I just don't know how others would feel if I did tell them how I feel. At this point I just need advice. I guess I just don't want to be alone when coming out as trans. Who else feels like this?
29 days ago
ive really come this low to come to terms to myself that im a trans man huh
29 days ago
i don't know. when i was a kid i'd get angry whenever i was called a girl and i'd say to people that i was a boy. but i don't know anymore. i am okay with being perceived as a girl now but i just wish that i wasn't. i'm worried that i'm just not trans or not trans enough. even if i was, people not accepting me is terrifying, and i don't think anyone i know will. just wish that i was born as a male so i wouldn't have to deal with all this.

to everyone taking or has taken this quiz: you're valid, i wish you all happiness.
29 days ago
I just actually thought of the possibility that maybe just maybe I didn't have anything figured out....I previously identified as a pansexual but I dunno...I don't hate my body or anything but there are a lot of moments when I question myself if I want to be called as beautiful girl or rather a feminine boy
30 days ago
In January, 2020, I started to feel upset and I was really sad with my body and I do not want to have breasts, and I cut my hair so now its really short. But even though I hated these parts of my body, I still felt girly, and I only felt 75% male. So I started to identify as genderfluid. But it does not feel right, and I might be Demigirl or just a tomboy. But I am still not sure.... I actually might be boarder line trans, and I really want a binder so no one can see my breasts, and I am not sure if I want to buy a packer, but I am only in 9th grade. I am trying to take baby steps, but I really want a binder to wear. My sister jokes "Ahhhhh! I do not want another brother!" and my mom thinks its a phase, but it is not. I mentioned a chest binder t o my sister and when she brought it up in front of my mom, I played it down, but I was crying on the inside. I dont know what to do. I mean, what if it IS a phase? I have no idea, but I really want to know.
33 days ago
The thought of not being accepted by people I love is terrifying. I hope I'm just a lesbian. I can easily hide a relationship but I can't always hide my identity haha...
34 days ago
I realised by question 3 what the answer was going to be, deep down I knew even before I searched for a quiz cos like why else would I even be here searching for a quiz? I don’t know what I’m going to do with this fact, only time will tell
35 days ago
I answered 2 or more as yes, but I'm worried that I'm not really trans and its just a phase even though I've been questioning and had (what i think might be) gender dysphoria for a few years now (although some of my traits that supposedly indicate me being trans go back into my early childhood.) I don't want to go and get checked only for them to say I'm not transgender, I guess I'm just confused about everything thats happening.
39 days ago
I'll be dropping by intermittently to check in on you all. Be kind, everyone!