Am I transgender?

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(You're taking all of these, aren't you?) This can't tell you what gender you are - that's pretty metaphysical, all things considered - but it CAN help you figure out if you're trans, no matter where you are now or where you might be going.

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3 days ago
I'm afab and been debating my gender for 2-3 years rn. Lmao sometimes I forget that my chest exists. I dont think of myself as a girl in my head subconsciously and I get surprised when people refer to me with feminine pronouns and stuff ugh I just hope this goes away I dont think i could handle being trans
7 days ago
i have been questioning my gender BUT even though i often feel like a guy and i want my 💑 gone, i don’t really want a dong and idk what that means. i would like to be he/they i guess but i still want to be treated like I’m a guy and referred to like one. BUT i still don’t want a dong so idk :/
8 days ago
i think i know i'm ftm,but i'm afraid that what i think is false. i have dysphoria,but maybe all i experience is temporarily,that it will pass.
17 days ago
I'm 17 and I've been struggling with this topic for a while, over the past few years I've done countless of these tests knowing none of them can actually give you a diagnosis but here I am again seeking validation from online quizes and strangers,I tried opening up to my mom today but before I could even get to the main point she already made a joke of me and made me feel very silly, I feel like giving up for now and just living in this world feeling awful about myself for the next few years until I can live alone and then do whatever I want, hopefully in the end everything will be fine and I'll find a way to be happy with myself and be at a point in my life where I could freely express myself and that anyone who's having similar experiences can live as best as they can even in an environment that doesn't support them. stay safe y'all
26 days ago
I saw someone saying that your trans if your taking this quiz. It’s probably true but I am just not accepting if I am. I wish I could bind because whenever I see my chest or feel it I get sick. I’ve never really experienced anxiety until recently and whenever I have to shower I get very anxious bcs I’ll have to see my body. I’ve always struggled with my gender but I can’t come out or tell anyone. I’m most likely wrong about this anyways. I just really wish I was born a boy. It would be easier and stuff. I think about that a lot. Oh well.
30 days ago
I'm so scared, I feel like I'm in the wrong body since my 😻 start growing. I just don't- don't feel like I'm a girl but... I'm afraid 😐
62 days ago
hi...i am too young?? What? Just because i am a little younger than a teen? I would be 13 in just a month! Ù^Ú and i am vorn AS a girl... a girl....welp- but except that a good quiz!
92 days ago
hii I'm ftm and it was hard for me coming out because my mum accepted me but my dad didn't and my siblings hate me but I'm more happy in life and if you are planning to become a trans ie mtf or ftm then ofcourse think about it but if your certain then go for it if it makes you happier in life but yeah i support you
93 days ago
I'm 18 as of July 2020 and I want my name to be alexis I've been thinking of being a trans girl for almost 4 years and ive kept it to myself because I'm scared of what people will say.. like my family I'm scared Incase they hate me.. but I'm still a male 🤮 sadly but I bought a bunch of girl clothing and I hide them in a duffel bag and when no one is around or at home I wear them and I feel like im free. I paint my nails in a clear coat so none can tell the difference.. but I'm scared and sick because I want to come out to parents but I'm scared
95 days ago
I’m not sure if I’m trans or not, mostly I’m just scared it’s just a phase, if I am then i think Alistair is what I would want my name to be
112 days ago
Almost everyone in the comments are preteen eggs lmao, don’t worry, kids, it’s gonna be ok
120 days ago
I keep thinking, what if I'm a boy? What if I'm non binary? But then I keep seeing all these things everywhere where people have known their whole lives, and I think 'no, you can't be trans, because you were fine being a girl growing up'. It's kind of frustrating really, like I'll never find out who I really am. I do want to be androgynous but I might just be an androgynous girl... or even just a tomboy... I feel like I need to change my body too but then I think it's just cause I'm not skinny enough... and I hate people seeing my body so much that I don't even want my own mam to see it, especially not people at school. I really don't know. When I started puberty I guess I was fine but I was just pretending because I was sort of part of the popular girl group for a bit (though they mostly ignored me cause I was weird)... I started wearing baggy stuff at 11/12... I have no idea who I am anymore. sorry this is so long by the way. I think I need help but there's not really anyone to talk to except here on a quiz. I might ask my mam if I can cut my hair tomorrow.
123 days ago
I honestly like.. I’m a pre-teen and I got this as trans, but now that I think about it, Your not trans if your taking a “Am I Trans” quiz. So time to stay in the closet till I’m 13 or till my parents divorce and I stay with my dad. Whatever comes first. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
129 days ago
I aint trans but i be lesbian-
146 days ago
I wasn't so sure before but now I'm positive that I'm transgender. I'm also bisexual so meh.
152 days ago
it was meant to say the👮 ;
152 days ago
i didn mean to put tht heart ;;
152 days ago
im not sure at all if im trans,, im 16 and ive only been having this feeling that i may be trans recently, tho , i would sometimes fantasize abt me being born a boy and maybe my mom made me have surgery to make me a girl, and maybe that would explain why i feel this way, but thats been going on for months but its only recently that i realized that could be a sign. part of me, a big part of me doesnt want this to be true, i have a boyfriend that i love dearly and my family ( mainly mom ) seems like she wouldnt accept me at all if i was.. luckily i know my friends would but,, its all too scary to think that i may be trans ,,, but a small part of me thinks i may be. i pretty much still like feminine clothing with the occasional masc but i dont know if thats a sign or not. ive seen trans men still wear feminine clothes and be feminine which makes me feel confused abt myself even more cause what if i still like feminie clothing but still end up being trans ? i have questions but im too scared to ask my current the🦄 or even people who are trans. im oka with being called a girl but i never tried to see if i like being called a guy,,theres also a big chance i may just being going thru a phase or the feeling will just go away when im 18 but for right now, its persistent. i kinda wish i was just born a guy so i wouldnt feel this way ;;;
155 days ago
im a boy, i want to be a girl, but im more attracted to girls, help
168 days ago
Marsha- I'm having the same kind of problem! I thought I was just a lesbian but now I'm think I could be trans!