Accurate When Will I Get My First Period Quiz?❤️🩸

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I’m Tori. I’m definitely not a gynecologist, doctor, or anything in the medical field really, but I am a girl who’s had her period for a while now, and I did a bit of research to make this quiz as accurate as I can. I hope I can help!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What is the consistency of your discharge, if you have any?
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have, if you have any?

  • 4
    How many of the following have you experienced?
    1. Tender Breasts
    2. Cramps in the lower abdomen
    3. Headaches
    4. Spotting
    5. Mood swings
    6. Cravings
  • 5
    Are you starting to feel like you need a boyfriend/girlfriend more than you ever have?
  • 6
    What stage of growth are your breasts at?
    STAGE 1) I’m flat!
    STAGE 2) Breast buds.
    STAGE 3) Triangular and pointy.
    STAGE 4) Starting to round out.
    STAGE 5) Fully developed

  • 7
    Are you starting to get annoyed, sad, angry, or frustrated a lot easier than normal lately?
  • 8
    Awkward question, (sorry) but do you want to have sex?
  • 9
    Another awkward question: Do you/have you ever masturbated?
  • 10
    Last question: Do you think you’re going to get it soon? Female intuition and all.

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164 days ago
Can someone plz estimate me?
I am 11 turning 12 less than a month
my mom got it like in 4 months
i had a growth spurt i am pretty tall
i have cramps like 4 times a week'
my hair is so gresy even after i wash it
i have more than mudium amount pubic hair, dark dark brown, go to thighs
have discharge 4 times a month
brown getting curlier underarm hair
full grown black leg hair, have to shave
Lots of acne
i have bloating
i have a lot of headaches
i weigh 80-90 pounds
i have like a lot of mood swings 4 times a week
craving food all the time
a-b bra
tender breasts
i have nausa like 1 time a week
i had diaria once
i have trouble sleeping
Thanks, I really hope you give me a good estimation!
164 days ago
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182 days ago
Honestly I’m kinda freaking out it said less than three months and I think I ovulated two days ago!!!😬😳😊Some mixed emotions here... darn you ovaries
182 days ago
Oh, also:

I have medium length, curly hair. (Down there)

My leg/arm hair is brown-ish, not that long but noticiable

My hair looks so greasy a day after washing it.
182 days ago
Hey, can someone help me? I really want to know when will i get my first period.

I'm 11

I am 150 cm tall

I get a lot of discharge everyday

I have baaaaddd cramps

I literally was crying in the bathroom (for no reason). When i came out of there, i went to my brother and we watched a video and i laughed like a maniac

I get so bad headaches all the time

My breast size is stage 3

I weight 81 pounds

Im so sleepy all the time

I want to just eat chocolate, nothing else

I feel like im going to get it soon. Can someone somehow tell if im kinda right?
185 days ago
hiiii, i would say 1-5 months
186 days ago
Hey so can you estimate me??
110 pounds
I'm pretty active
Stage 4 😻
White and clear discharge
I love ian..if you what I mean haha
Mom got hers at 12
32 A 😻
I crave food so muchhh
I'm angry one minute and so happy the next