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The Coronavirus: What to do and how to help others while your stuck at home.

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    Number one, please, please, please stay home if at all possible! Going to the grocery store counts as going out, so if you can, get your groceries delivered or pick up, or make a really detailed list and go shopping once a month.Staying home is the only way to stop the spread so please, please stay HOME! Even if President Trump lifts the restrictions on your state, please stay home if your able to.If you’re not able to stay home, I’ll be praying for you!(actually I’ll be praying for you anyway but..)
    Something you can do that is small but can make a really big impact on a person is sending a cheerful card or email or text, or even call to a person who you aren’t in regular contact with.I promise you, it will make their day.
    Also, if you can, it would make a mail carrier extremely happy if you wrote a short note (you could put a quote or a joke or say something along the lines of “we appreciate you!”)even a post it note would be good, or wave and say thank you to them.They can’t stop their job easily and mail is quite germy.
    Any way, hope this helps you and have a great day and stay healthy!

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2 hours ago
You said we should be afraid. And being afraid never helped anyone. (I am not suggesting we be completely reckless. I am just saying that fear isn't something we need.)
6 hours ago
AddyNick- What do you mean?
23 hours ago
Also, I have a question--what is fear going to do for you? Saying someone should be afraid is like saying someone should be depressed. It never helps you in any way. And I am afraid of some stuff, just *refer to above points*
I do.
AddyNick- Do you believe is god? I don’t.
I'm not exactly part of this conversation, but this is rather public so I'm just going to say thay I don't believe God would make Covid-19 just so we don't overpopulate. I believe He would have a deeper reason than just that, but He is God and nobody can fully understand Him.
3 days ago
Alienfreak#1 - I don’t believe in your theory. Here’s another if god is real: If god is real he might have created virus so the planet doesn’t over-populated (idk if that’s hyphenated but whatevs). Then again I don’t believe in him, so yeah.
4 days ago
This is just my theory and all, but I think the Lord put the virus on this Earth to bring us back to him. Cuz even the newscast parade live And they've never done that before. So maybe, this virus has a reason for being here.
4 days ago
It's okay! I'm not offended in the least bit! In fact, I laughed after I read it! But no, I'm not brainwashed.
5 days ago
I know, I’m sorry I didn’t reread what I wrote. I’m really sorry.

Alienfreak#1 - I’ SO FREAKIN’ SORRY! It’s pjsut I don’t believe in The Lord, so yeah you get it. SO SORRY!
5 days ago
@Drama Queen,I am fo sho not a brain washed,but I believe in Jesus.The Holy Trinity is real, it’s fine if you don’t believe,(although I highly recommend you should)but please do not yell at people on this fan fiction.You’re welcome to be on here,as long as you dont yell at people.(the authority for me to say that is I’m the creator of this quiz.)
6 days ago
Alienfreak#1 - SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU!! I bet I did! It’s just I don’t the lord in control. So sorry!
6 days ago
Alienfreak#1 - Are you a “Jesus Freak”? You seem like one! Seriously, you believe god will save us? Jeez, they really brainwashed ya, huh? I don’t believe in him! So don’t tell me the lord’s in control. If he’s in control why the hell did he make the virus. We are a couple months into this and you still believe it’s like the flu? Really, the flu ain’t a Coronavirus. The common cold is a coronavirus but not the FLU!!! OMG, really “They’re putting fear in your hearts, causing you to doubt the lord.” So shut your hole! They are lying about it getting better. I don’t know where you live but I live in USA in Arlington, Virginia. Near Washington, D.C. One of the worst Covid - 19 places. You don’t know what you’re talking about. We should be afraid this is the biggest thing that happened on this century. It’s one of biggest that ever happened. So don’t go telling everybody “Believe in god, he’ll save your soul!!!” This is the closest to the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu lasted for 3 years! 3 years. So don’t say that this is nothing! STOP! This is a HUGE deal. So stop!
7 days ago
Oh and this. God is in control, so I be fearful? He made this world, he can take it away just like that. And, why I fear for your death. You were born with a set number of days anyways. When the Lord wants to take you home, he will. And there's nothing you can do to stop that! So I prevent the inevitable? They're putting fear in your hearts, causing you to doubt the Lord. Oh, they're also trying to see how how many of our rights we are willing to forfeit just for our "Safety" the flu has killed more people, than this coronavirus ever will. And have you noticed, no one is getting sick with the flu this year. Just the virus. Think about it, does any of this make sense? The government is trying to keep something from us. And we are dumb enough to fall for their lies because of fear. And, we are all so cowardly! In 1917, we stood up for our beliefs common what we knew to be right. No matter what the cost, and that meant Almost sure death. But now what's 99.9% chance of survival we are hiding. The economy is not getting smarter, we are all getting Dumber. I love you all, though I may not know you. And just, put your faith back in the Lord. He is in control.
7 days ago
I know this is selfish and all. But I was kunda hoping lockdown would never end!!!😭
13 days ago
Hi guys! I really hate the virus and really want it to end!!! Wait a minute, I seen you guys before on tests idk which ones tho. It might be the wrong Lily cuz there are SO MANY Lilys on here.
33 days ago
It’s completely totally perfectly fine.
34 days ago
Ok thanks lily and sorry ravenclaw but we didnt know where else to put it
34 days ago
Sorry it took so long. One sec
34 days ago
Hey ravenclaw, im sorry ik this is a really important quiz but to be safe from trolls, lily i think this is private enough