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    Hi there! I am known as The Dancing Minstrel. I'm still fairly new to Allthetests, and integrating myself into the community was a little difficu
    Hi there! I am known as The Dancing Minstrel. I'm still fairly new to Allthetests, and integrating myself into the community was a little difficult, since I didn't know anyone and everybody was already part of their own group.
    I'm sure other people have had the same problem before, and although I'm not sure if this has been done before, I'm doing it.
    If you're having trouble integrating yourself into the Allthetests community, look no further! Below you can chat with other newbies (or anyone who comments at all), and get a firmer grasp on societal communication! Especially during these hard times of quarantine! (I know that I feel pretty lonely right now because of it, and I know I'm not alone.)
    You can do anything from just chatting and making friends and acquaintances, to requesting fanfictions and quizzes and giving life advice. But no patronizing or just downright mean comments! Also steer clear of politics! I have trouble understanding them!
    (It was surprising how much that was like writing the script for a commercial. Batteries not included.)
    BTW, that's a picture of the redwoods of California. I stumbled across it this morning and decided I'd put it here, just because it's pretty.
    I hope this whole shenanigan works...
    Have fun! Love y'all!
    --The Dancing Minstrel

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79 days ago
Sloth lover - Cool. Ok, I’ll look at the picture list.
80 days ago
Yeah i actually ordered a couple of the things you mentioned
Btw i replied to you on my picture list
82 days ago
Sloth lover - One of my fanfics has links to some dog stuff if you want some stuff
82 days ago
82 days ago
Those are all beautiful names!
I didn't get the first yorkie I saw, actually. We looked at a bunch, and I ended up choosing a cute one that seemed very healthy (she's got a lot of energy and loves playing)
I love her! She's so cute! I'm going to make a picture list now
82 days ago
Sloth lover - Some more names that I forgot: Alice, Avril, April, Alexis, Alexa, Ellie, Eve, Evelyn, Sarah, Sandra, Nikki, Penny, Luna, Lexi, Leah, Ruby, Hera, Gia
82 days ago
Sloth lover - NICE!!! I can’t believe it took you so soon!!! Hopefully, you didn’t buy the first Yorkie you saw. Reese is a good name. Here’s some other ones too: Alice, Avril, April, Alexis, Ellie, Aubrey, Sophie, Lexi. Yeah, you should make a picture list.
83 days ago
I've spent the day taking picutres of her and trying to think of a good name. I think Reese is a good name! She's a Yorkie and she's black and tannish-reddish, and Reese seems to suit her.
She is realllyy cute😍😍. I'm going to make a picture list to show her off
85 days ago
Yeah, that's a good idea, i'll be on my best behavior! (sorry i didn't see your comment until just now)
85 days ago
The 🕊was s u c k s.
85 days ago
Sloth lover - Ok, wow 8 minutes ago!!! Yeah, I’ll look at your comment. That 😘but still at least your going!!! Don’t let them chicken out!!! Tip: Be the nicest you can tomorrow to make sure they won’t change their minds!!! I was being kinda mean so my mom almost changed her mind!!! Don’t make the same mistakes I did!!!
85 days ago
I commented on your new one (Sam is so cute btw)
We're leaving tomorrow morning instead😣because my sister forgot she took one of her coworker's shifts at Wendy's when they did the same fo her last week. GAHHHH I CANT BELIEVE SHE FORGOT😫😩😓
I'll be back here to talk about the puppy either late on Sunday or on Monday just so y'all know
85 days ago
Sloth lover - Cool! We’re training him ourselves but in the long run it might be better with a trainer. Ok, so I made a new thing on allthetests!!!
86 days ago
I know but it's all right and I'll end up trying to train the puppy anyway (although I should probably just pay to have an actual trainer train the puppy)
I just checked, and the puppers we're looking at have been fixed already
I'm going tomorrow! I'm so excited!
87 days ago
Sloth lover - So, girl dogs have periods but boy dogs like to pee everywhere. But you can fix girls so they can’t have puppies and won’t have periods or whatever. And you can’t get a trained puppy. If you want a dog already trained, the you’d have to get an adult dog. But it’s very rare to find a trained adult dog from a breeder!
88 days ago
Yeah they've got some reeeeally cute yorkie puppies and one of them is this little girl who is available right now! Her brother is too only they are too young to have been trained and my sister says he might spray. But they are both really adorable and sweet, so one of them!
88 days ago
Sloth lover - Ok! Cool! Did you find one you think you’ll get?
88 days ago
We video called them and all their puppies seem pretty healthy, but we think it would be best if we went in person, so that why we are. It's a little farther then that, actually, but we drive long distances quite often and we'll do some sightseeing on the way there!
We''l leave Saturday and be back by sunday, so i'll let you know how it goes by then!
89 days ago
Sloth lover - GREAT!!! Yeah, they have some cute puppies. They seem more legit than Rhonda’s. It great that your visiting the puppies it’s just that since there’s COVID-19 we didn’t visit the Ponytails Kennel place (where we got Sam). My dad’s a corona-freak (I’m not sure if there’s a hyphen in that) so we didn’t visit. And she’s in Pennsylvania, aren’t Ohio and Pennsylvania right next to each other? That means it’ll be a quick drive maybe an hour or two.
90 days ago
Yeah, I've checked out all of them! Deborah's seems pretty legit so me and my sister video called them to check out the puppies, and now we are heading down there this weekend to meet some of the puppies and maybe make our pick!
Thank you soooo muuuuuch Drama Queen! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help!