SHARKS WEEK CALCULATOR (period estimates)

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Girls only...
1st period...
Only an estimation

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36 days ago
Ok sooooo I REALLY REALLY want my period kinda idk why but can someone estimate me?? 🥺

Age:11 (12 February 10)

Breast stage : 3.5 B cup

Height: 4,7

Weight: 120 (but hey! More to love!!)


Pubic hair: 🕊 YES and A LOT...Armpits YES but not so much

Have had discharge for a year or more

Mood swings: yes

Cravings: idk why but I usually crave salty things but lately I’ve been craving SO MANY SWEETSSS!

43 days ago
It seems like your in the same boat as me tbh. So soon but I wod stick with a few weeks but it may be sooner or later. Good look
50 days ago
Shoot a few weeks. Can someone give me a estimate?

Age: 11 almost 12
Moms age: 12 almost 13
I have been sweating a LOT more lately even when I wear deodorant
I wear a training bra but it is wayyyyy to small so I think I’m a aaa or aa maybe even a idk I haven’t measured
I’ve had lots creamy white discharge for about 6-7 months, but recently it’s gotten more and stringy
I get headaches a lot more recently
I have lots of mood swings
I don’t think I’ve ever spotted but one time there was a little reddish color that looked like discharge so maybe
I get some acne not much but I use face wash
I have some cramps in my back and down there
I have kinda curly hair in my armpits
My leg hair idk as long as I can remember
My pubic hair maybe a year or a bit less? Dark long and straight

Thanks! Ask if you have any more questions!
80 days ago
Hi molly how are you? Sorry for a late reply. You should be starting shortly in about 2 months probs? I'm not to sure as it has more signs but still nat much signs if you get me. Well good look and let me know how you get on molly
100 days ago
Uh idk why it sent three times sorry
100 days ago
Okay so the test said a few week but could u do an estimate?
I’m 12 and I turn 13 in February
My mom got it at 12
I sweat often
I range from an A cup to a B cup (depends on the store but I’m usually A cup)
I’ve had discharge for a about a year but it’s a small stain no bigger than a quarter but when I wipe I see some discharge and white flakes
I’ve never had spotting (I don’t think so atleast)
I’ve grown like 3 inches in the last year
I have horrible mood swings
I get acne a lot in between my eyebrows
I’ve had leg and arm hair since I was 8, armpit hair for last 6 months, and pubic hair for a year
141 days ago
Thanks!!! I'm glad satyyyy safafeeeee
141 days ago
A couple of weeks yet! Carry around some sanitary products in case it wants to come early I would definitely talk to a female adult who you trust and good luck

Wow this is pretty accurate! I already have my period (I know I shouldn't be taking it but I just took it for fun lol) and this is the resultttt great quiz!
152 days ago
Apologies. Tbank you and I appreciate that you were nice about it. Hope you are safe and all the best x
155 days ago
Dance this quiz didn’t come back very accurate for me. It said at least a year and you said really soon. Sorry, but to someone else it might ve been more accurate... 💕
156 days ago
Do you find this quiz accurate xx
156 days ago
Very soon! Keep a very close eye that spotting may of even been it! Good luck
157 days ago
Hey girls. I want an estimation even though I think I’m Preety close and the doctor said soon but anyways. I have nothing to lose

1)BO yes very bad even if it’s winter I sweat (at least this year)
2) 11 y.o. (in December I’ll be 12)
4) Mom got hers a few months earlier.
5) Breasts: Recently entered B cup (1B more specifically)
6)Discharge every day full underwear.
7)Spotting: YES I’ve had spotting 2 times and the second lasted for four days. It was a lot and I thought it was my period, but today I was supposed to get my « period » but I didint so it’s just spotting.
8) I grew 5 inches the past 5 months but now I stopped growing.
9) I have mood swings and my mom has menshioned it a few times.
10)Acnee not really but I get a few spots sometimes.
11)I wax all of my hair or I shave, and I have a full public area of hair. I even have a lot of hair in my arms so I wax them too.
12)Sis got hers a few months earlier.
13)I got depression.
14) Doc said 2-5 months (3 months ago)
15) My bra size changed rl quickly
16) Height: 5’5 and and weight:95 lbs

157 days ago
Hi sorry this has took long to reply. I've read all of them and they sound pretty close! I would so research and talk to someone you trust. Stay safe and all the best. Dis tou find this quiz useful? Xx
160 days ago
Can someone estimate:

I’m 12 years old
I weigh 89 pounds and I’m 4’11
Mom got hers at 11
Breast stage is between 4 and 5 I’ve had them for 3.5 years
Pubic hair is black and curly full, I’ve had it for 3 years
Discharge is white I get it every day I’ve had it for 2 years
I’ve had spotting twice
I get headaches 2-4 times a week
I get cramps 1-3 times a week I feel like I need to puke
I get bloating 2-4 times a week
I have cravings every day
I have mood swings every day
I have like 6-10 acne spots and then a bunch of smaller bumps
I have small bumps on my arms since I started puberty
I’ve been in puberty since I was 8 (3.5 to 4 years)
162 days ago
162 days ago
162 days ago
162 days ago
162 days ago
Breasts stage 3-4, very sore to touch, 30A but growing fast
I’m 5’3 (growth spurt)
95 pounds
My sister was 13/14 and my mom was like 16 I think
Lately I’ve been gettingmanyyy pimples
Constant headaches cramps, all pms symptoms basically lol
Pubic hair isn’t full, I think, but’s it’s black and curly and almost full
Same with my armpit hair
My leg hair is black/dark brown
Sooo much discharge, the consistency and texture changes day to day, but I’ve had loads of it everyday for almost a year and a half at least
Been in puberty for about 2.5 years
I think that’s it