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Who Am I: Chapter Nine

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A man is charging Alexia and T.J. Will Alexia help T.J. and Camille, or will her self-preservation instincts take over?

I had only a few seconds to act. There were three options I could do...
One: Charge the man and attack him. Seemed even stupider than our plan--sometimes the best defense isn't offense.
Two: Run away. I didn't relish the idea of leaving Camille and T.J. behind, but my instincts screamed for me to run. I usually listened to my instincts, however I was usually on my own.
Three: Stay here and defend. It would be risky. The man was gaining fast. But how could I leave a wounded man to die?
I was out of time. All I could do was stand or dive. The man's knife sluiced down on me. I grabbed a pocket knife that I kept with me at all times and did my best to deflect it. He used so much force that my arms vibrated and trembled. He then reached his leg out to trip me but I danced around him and whacked his head with the flat side of the blade. His arm swung backwards and I barely escaped the blow. Camille sprinted up, and the man flung a knife from a pocket that stabbed her in the thigh before whirling around and slapping my forehead with his flat side of the blade before I could react. It stung.
"Go save T.J.!" I called softly. I had seen the amount of blood he was losing and knew if he didn't get help quickly he would die. Camille grabbed him and started dragging him away. The man turned and my knife was on his way to his shoulder until he turned and slapped it down. I was weaponless and a little dazed against a tall opponent with a knife, but I swung my leg up to kick him and only connected with a little of his leg.
I didn't see his fist coming until it was too late. First there was pain, and then my vision faded to black.

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