Am I lesbian?

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    Your crush asks to to be your valentine. Who is your crush?

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103 days ago
So I thought I was lesbian and then I kissed one of my girl friends but it was kind of slimy. I still find women attractive but I just didn’t like kissing that girl. Idk if it was her or if I don’t like kissing girls but I feel like I wouldn’t like kissing a boy either. I also don’t really have a crush on her, and used to have a crush on another girl but she didn’t like me back. The only people I have crushes on now are celebrities.
Am I ace?
Or maybe I’m an ace lesbian?
Or maybe I’m a lesbian but I’m only fifteen so I’m not into👮or anything yet?
Oh well thanks for reading the whole thing sorry for ranting. ❤️
104 days ago
I have had a huge crush on my best friend for years, shes adorable, funny, and always there for me. She recently came out as bisexual, but im still afraid to tell her completely. Ive been kind of hinting at the fact that i am gay for the last few months, but im afraid to come out, because Im 12 years old and everyone will think its just a phase, when I know its not a phase because ive never had feelings for boys and have always been attracted to girls. I dont know how my best friend had the confidence to come out when she was 11. I have already made out with her too, only as a dare but I guess that still counts. anyways its 2:40 am now, and i just really could use some advice.
107 days ago
I’m very angry at this quiz. I already know 100% I’m bisexual, and it told me I was straight even those I said I think I’m bi, I want to be bi, and I said yes to my girl friend liking me. Ridiculous
107 days ago
you don't know sure untill you try.. soooo…. Go out and experiment!
111 days ago
I'm only 12 years old and in the 6th grade, TikTok made me kind of Bi, I dont know if it to early to know. I AM CONFUSED
114 days ago
A three some sounds like heaven
115 days ago
I’m quite proud that my sexuality is Asexual cause that means I won’t get my heart broken!!!!!!!
118 days ago
it is okay peeps I like my bestie too, but she is asexual and might be hetro
118 days ago
Congrats! You’re a lesbian! Don’t fret, I am too! You like girls, and that’s AWESOME. Have no shame! boys aren't attractive any more
121 days ago
It said I'm bi...

. And it's true I actually feel feelings for my destie I'm blushing right now but I'm scared cuz what if she finds out she may won't be my bestie but if she is really good person then se would be my destie. And I have Ben dating a guy before too.