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Earth I Would Explore

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Just another poem.


    I don't want to do nothing
    Most want to do something
    I don't want to watch the world
    Through glass walls
    Sitting here all curled
    Up, I want to be dancing by waterfalls
    Gliding through rain
    Wet droplets plinking
    I don't want to just see Minecraft sugarcane
    I want to see plants breathing
    I don't want to watch through a screen
    I'd rather be there
    All I say, I mean
    I want to explore
    I want to be past the glass
    I want to see everything live
    Even if it's just violet grass
    High-up stars, swirling ocean, every buzzing hive
    It's all beautiful
    Rough trees, whether amber, albino or ebony
    Has a strange pull
    Of snow and lagoons, I want to see
    Forests, humid or cool
    Buildings decrepit or majestic
    Every little reflecting pool
    Somewhere you need to light a candle wick
    Mansions and castles
    Shacks and houses
    Annoying hassles
    Places where life is
    I would like to explore
    Sights seeing
    I would like to know more
    To have my heart lifted
    Wonder in my eyes
    Find what's been hid
    Gaze at the painted skies
    Hear the pain-filled cries
    Forget the lies
    With every wonderful surprise
    Earth I would explore
    I would soar
    Know what I did not before
    Hope for more
    I'd like to explore

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67 days ago
AddyNick this is how I feel too! I love this poem
149 days ago
I will try to write a book thay includes those things! BUT I have never seen 13 Going On 30. I'm not sure if it's about a 13 year old whi becomes 30, ir a 30 year old who turns 13
150 days ago
AddyNick - I got ideas for your next book: Cheerleading, pugs, amusement parks, Covid-19, a book based on the movie “13 Going On 30” or something like that. I’m 9 BTW.
150 days ago
Thanks Drama Queen! Snow's club is a club you can find in the Friendship fanfic category, and akl the other clubs are in the not included tests of several people and I'm 13. Bye
151 days ago
Interesting poem. I’m Drama Queen! I saw you on some tests. What is snow club and all those clubs? How old are you? I read your rhythmic gymnastics story. It was great. I didn’t read whole thing cuz it’s LONG! But it seemed great. Bye!