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  • 1
    A man is dead on the floor with a fresh scratch on his hand. Last night he was at a party when he was drugged. What was the scratch?
  • 2
    A woman was found dead next to a bottle full of poisonous tablets. The police say it was suicide. The tablets weren't touched for five days, but the woman was seen yesterday. There was also a mark round he wrists and neck. What happened?
  • 3
    You need to have a break. The man at the cafƩ whispers to you, "the woman is not there" What does he mean?
    You look around. He has a note with nice handwriting saying, 'see you' and his credit card half falling out.

  • 4
    New case. A two men where found dead with a gun near them. Then a woman is found dead with a gun near her. She was in a park, on her own. She was carrying a box full of vegetables and it was said that she was dead on a bench, with an empty box next to her. How did the killer kill her? Also, the woman was wearing black glasses sold from a merchant in China.
  • 5
    New case again. You get sent a letter saying "I like cake" The next day a man was found dead with a cake and a knife next to him. You study the letter. The handwriting is scruffy so they were in a rush. How did he die?
  • 6
    Have a break. Choose the right drink emoji to drink because the next case will carry on through the night.

  • 7
    You are told to meet someone at midnight in a garage. You go there. You are grabbed and the next thing you know is that you're knocked out. You wake up in a chair, bound with a thick rope. A man is there, but he has his back on you, for he is sharpening his knife. What do you do?
  • 8
    You escape that kidnap thing. A moth passes. A new case has arrived. Five women and a man was found dead. Each one has a phone with a message sent saying "goodbye, AG" they were all killed with the same gun. That gun was next to the man. You work out that the killer is still in this room, because the murder was recent. Where is he?
  • 9
    Continued. You are called by the chief polices, Gregory, otherwise known as Chief Gorebridge . Another woman is murdered with a message on her phone which says "goodbye, GG" This murder was from an hour ago. Who is the murderer and how?
  • 10
    How was this quiz and how many marks do you think you have got. At the end when you read your summary, put one point on so if you got 5/10, make it 6/10 because this question is counted as well, or make it 5/9.

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