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Warrior Cats: Shadow of Darkness

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6 Chapter - 1.895 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 314 taken-The story is currently being written

Fernheart has won over Shadowclan, but now she has her eyes set on Thunderclan. More and more cats are falling to her wrath, and some are surrendering to save themselves. But some, will fight for what is right.

Fernheart reared up and slashed viciously at Claws, who ducked and swirled out of the way, hissing. With a snarl, Pinefur leaped onto his mother’s back and pinned her down. Nearby, Snowfang lay contently in the sun, stretched out with her eyes closed and belly showing.
“Well done, Pinefur.” Claws nodded respectfully.
“Snowfang, get up!” Fernheart growled at her daughter. “Fight!”
Pinefur released his grip on Fernheart, who instantly leaped up and knocked him to the ground.
“Never, now I say never, let the enemy go free.” Fernheart spat at him, her eyes blazing.
Maplepool padded up to her kin, tail lashing. “Let me fight Pinefur!”
“Of course.” Fernheart leapt off her son and shimmied out of range. “Marshleap, fight Snowfang. Pinefur, fight Maplepool.I want you all to have blood on your fur by the time the sun has set!”

Stormheart twitched her tail and scanned the clearing. The fresh-kill pile was heaped and the apprentices were out hunting, there would be plenty of prey of every cat. Stonetail was curled up in the sunlight, his grey fur flecked with the white of age.
“I don’t want to loose him.” Stormheart whispered, her heart aching. Grouseheart padded up to Stormheart and licked her on the ear.
“You’re thinking about Stonetail again, Aren’t you?” He asked, looking at her affectionately. “Your father is a brave cat, not even death will stop him from being adventurous.”
Stormheart shivered and buried her muzzle in her mate’s fur. “I don’t want to say goodbye!”
“You don’t have too, Stormheart. You don’t have too.” Grouseheart licked her again, nuzzling her comfortingly.

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44 days ago
Thanks @JayfeatherBB you are great at fan fics too! In my opinion, better than me!
71 days ago
Wow, it said my message was too short.
71 days ago
MORE MORE MORE. Could you add my OC as well? Pekoekit, Pekoepaw, or Pekoeflower. She is a tansy-colored orange tabby she-cat with amber-yellow eyes. She was a bright, hopeful cat who used to live in a Clan, but, expecting kits with a cat from another Clan, ran away and now lives as a loner, sad and alone, her happy expression now cold and dull.
81 days ago
Both versions have the same comments. Wow.
119 days ago
Ignore that comment.
134 days ago
For some reason I posted both my first version of this, which happens to be exactly the same but with a different blurb thingy, so ignore that.
143 days ago
love it 👀 I finally saw something warriors
148 days ago
This is great!!!!! You NEED to make more. Please include my OC. A tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald green eyes. Her name is Bramblepaw. She has two kits; One she-cat that looks like her called Lunakit, and One tom that is a ginger tabby tom, called Rustykit.
149 days ago
149 days ago
*internal laughing*
151 days ago
I have now and officially written a sequel! I’m so happy! 😊It’s called
Warrior cats: Shadow of Darkness
(Spoilers: #Cliffhangerclub)