Does your girl crush like you back? (For lesbians/bisexuals)

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I have had one girl crush (and still do) in my life and I keep on taking multiple quizzes on her and my outcomes are either she likes me back or she is just my friend nothing more. I'm so confused so I made my own test! This might not be a 100% accurate but it will help you get the idea what your crush might think of you.

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    First of all, what is even her orientation?

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6 days ago
I don't know if she likes me or if I like her. We're just best friends. We are always together for everything. We've been friends for 3years now. We both have dated boys. But now we are single. I don't know what to do. I don't even know my sexuality. if I get her I'm sure i"'ll do my level best to keep her as mine foreverBut I don't know if she have fellings for me. 😢
69 days ago
So I have this friend. We're new friends but we got close very fast. We see each other in person at least once a week and text almost every day. She doesn't have a label but somewhere between bi and lesbian. I really like her but I'm not really good with relationship stuff and can't tell if she's flirting or something. Also she compliments my looks, a lot. And one time when she did she kind of blushed. Does she like me???? And what do I do???
87 days ago
So, I go to school with this girl. We're both starting ninth grade in the fall. I met her back in seventh, she's my best friend. A couple weeks after she met me, she told me she was bi. A couple weeks after that, I (just as a curious friend) asked her if she would like me if I was bi. Her answer? An immediate yes. I didn't think much of it at the time, but this sentence has plagued me for more than a year. A few months after that, I was convinced that I was "in love" with this guy from my past. Haha. Well, turns out I'm a lesbian, so, clearly I was wrong there. But anyway, so for a while I talked to her about that. She still thinks I am 100% straight. Now, a few months back, I figured out that I am in love with her. And don't tell me I'm too young for love, believe me, I'm not. This is love. I had my own reasons for not telling her then that I'm not comfortable posting. Then, maybe two months ago, she told me she was probably bicurious. She explained that she once had a "moment" with a girl, but that she's only ever "liked" guys. So, she's not sure. I finally have gotten the courage up to tell her how I feel, but I don't want to bother risking the friendship when she isn't even sure if she likes girls or not. Also, my family might be moving next year, and I don't want to trap her in an LDR. Sometimes, she acts like she might like me, but then I've told her I love her twice (once on purpose and then again by accident), and both times she freaked out. I quickly made up excuses that she bought, so I'm in the clear for now. But I don't know if I want to keep hiding it anymore. Do you guys think I should tell her?
87 days ago
I'm at question six, and I'm just like, "she touches me but she doesn't tease me. Why don't I have an answer choice?"
89 days ago
It says she might love me
94 days ago
Most of the tests are saying that she likes me, but I don't see where this is coming from..... ok I see maybe some things
113 days ago
YESSSSSSSSS my girlfriend loves meeeeeeeeee
I was also her bff before so-

132 days ago
@Chaotic Bisexual Gal she defs likes you
140 days ago
She told me that she wanted to try dating a girl (she's pan, but she's never had a gf Before) and immediately after (as a joke) was like "will you marry me", i think it was her trying to ask me out, but too awkward or nervous to do so. (Also she said she has a crush on a girl who's shorter than her, single and in our friend group which lines up well)
140 days ago
141 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂
141 days ago
Thx I don’t think I’ll have fun trying to get this girl to be my friend she doesn’t even know me and we’re in the same class al the time how is it possible