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Warriors: The Shining Moon

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10 Chapter - 2.118 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 436 taken-The story is currently being written

Moonkit, a young she-kit of ThunderClan, is about to find out her destiny. Follow her on an epic quest as she discovers her past, and possibly her future...
(Genre: Fantasy, Adventure)
(Rating: K+)

The moon reflected on a pool of water. Footsteps drew closer and closer until a young, short black haired girl stepped out of the bushes.
"Ugh, those bushes weren't easy to get to!" Her gaze then fell upon a blue-gray she-cat and a ginger tom. "Are you... cats?"
The blue-gray cat nodded. "Yes. Welcome, Moon. Are you ready to take your part?"
Moon frowned. "What 'part?' And who even are you two?"
"I am Firestar, and this is Bluestar," the ginger cat mewed, nodding to Bluestar. "We must send you to our world, for otherwise it will die. The Warrior Code, traditions passed down for generations... all that will disappear."
Bluestar heaved a sigh and looked down.
"But... what about being the champion of Alola! I have a job to do with my Pokemon!" Moon protested.
Firestar narrowed his green eyes. "Are you saying you'll let the Clans vanish?" he spat, lashing his tail.
Bluestar put a gentle paw on his back. "His words may be sharp, but they are true." She stared a Moon with a thoughtful gaze. "Something sparks the personality of Firetstar in you, young one."
"So... does that mean I have to be a CAT?" Moon asked. She couldn't help but have so many questions at this point. It seemed impossible when you were faced with those from another world!
"Yes. However, until some point in your life, you will forget everything about your past life," Bluestar said somberly. Firestar nodded.
"Fine." Moon held a determined gaze. "I will go."
The former leaders nodded and watched as Moon faded away.
A dark brown tabby tom and red-ginger tabby she-cat padded out of some bushes.
"Bramblestar and Squirrelstar, greetings," Firestar meowed, dipping his head.
The other leaders sat down, and together, the four chanted a prophecy.
"Moon will come in darkest night,
come to clear the sky.
But do not let Frost freeze her destiny."

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55 days ago
For Moonpaw Moonflame and Dawnpaw Dawnsteam
112 days ago
For Dawnpaws warrior name you could do dawnlight and for Moonpaws warrior name maybe Moonfrost?