What tanner stage am I in? (GIRLS)

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This is a short quiz for girls who would like to know what tanner stage their in! Please send emails if you would like a more in-depth answer.

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14 hours ago
4 days ago
The emojis are my area (down there) and my breasts
4 days ago
Hey guys. I have taken a couple tests about which puberty stage I am and they all vary. Could you tell me?
Breasts: some fat around a big mound of brown that has some dots. Super tender and wobbles good amount. My nipples do not stick out but that brown part does
Pubic hair: Kind of curly but not thick and full and doesn't cover my 😍. My 😍 has grown a lot though.
Discharge: A lot of milky white discharge pretty much every day
Armpit hair: Just a little bit. Black, long hairs. My pits do stink a lot however!
Leg hair: A good amount. I have dark black hairs.
Age: 12
No period yet. Could you also tell me my 😍stage to? I am mostly waiting on my boobies. Can't wait when I have 😍.
Thank you so much!
11 days ago
Maya you are stage 3
11 days ago
And Curious Kid, you’re definitely in stage 4
11 days ago
Oh and I forgot to add two things - bra size a, and I’m 12 in a month
11 days ago
Hi, I’m really curious as to what tanner stage I’m in, but every quiz seems to tell me something different. What do you think?
Breasts - stage 3. They have definitely grown beyond buds, but aren’t very big/womanly yet. First got buds about a two and a half years ago. Sometimes tender and itchy.
Pubic hair - wavy, blackish brown. Has spread a lot, had it for maybe 2 years.
Discharge - had it for at least a year and a half, probably more. Consistency and amount changes, usually runny and cloudy.
Underarm hair - a few long wavy black hair, plus lots of little blonde ones. Had it for 3 months.
PMS- just a few cravings and strong emotions. No acne or cramps. About a month ago there was a few drops of bright red blood, but nothing since.
Sweat and odor - lots of sweat, really smelly
Arm and leg hair - mostly blonde, but some straight brown ones too.
Growth - been growing A LOT the past year!
That’s all, no period. Thanks!
14 days ago
Age 12
Breats - budding but they say I’m in tanner stage 3 but idk
started period - yes I did yesterday for the first time
I wear sport/training bras ~
I kinda had cramps but I haven’t
And I didn’t get discharge
but idk how puberty really works soooo and I just got my period I’m still tryna figure what to do
21 days ago
Someones pls give me estimate
Age 11
Started puberty at 10
Breasts wears sports bra but needs more support
Wears deodorant arm and leg hair discharge 4 foot 9 pubic hair greasy hair
25 days ago
@I don't wanna say my name, you are probably almost done or done with puberty
33 days ago
May i ask what do They look like
42 days ago
I am a girl
(Turning 12 next week)
30B 🦄size
Normal genital hair (starting to spread to my thighs)
97 lbs (44 kg)
My period: when i was 10 almost 11
64 days ago
Can someone tell me what stage I'm in?
Age: 12
Height: 5'1
Weight: 85 lbs
Breasts: I measured myself, I'm a 32B
Hair: Oh my god I am so hairy, everywhere... people actually tease me about it
Period: I got it a year ago, it's still a little irregular
Other: I have mood swings (one time I was pmsing a little and I started sobbing because I had to go to Home Depot), I'm hella sweaty sometimes, I've had a couple of crushes
70 days ago
I’m in the fourth stage, but I haven’t even gotten my period yet.
82 days ago
@Kat Chan
Mache stage 3?
82 days ago
I would say you're in phase 3. But I'm not exactely sure.
Hope you unterstand me, I'm German.
87 days ago
Hiyah! Please may someone tell me what tanner stage I’m in?

Age: 11
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 95 lbs
Breasts: wobble a lot and rounding out
Bra size: idk, I haven’t measured myself but I wear an AA cup that’s too small so I’d say maybe an A?
Pubic hair: almost full
Armpit hair: thick and pretty much full
Leg hair: soooo much
Periods: I haven’t started yet but I get cramps, discharge and spotting so should be coming soon
Sweat: a lot more, I wear deodorant and my hair is very greasy too
I’ve been in puberty for around 2 years

Please reply soon! Thank you 🙏🏻
91 days ago
Hi Kat ur nearly stage 4
95 days ago
Nvm but it said stage4 !??! I'm ten lol
95 days ago
Someone say what stage I'm in
Age 10
Small underarm hair
Lotta arm and leg hair
A bit of pubic hair stage 3
Breasts slowly rounding but still triangle ish
Lotta mood swings and not too many cravings
I never loved boys so much😻
Height 4" 5 I grew five inches
I need deodorant and sweat a lot now
I need to shower more
And lots of discharge for a year or so