First Period Test🎊🎉

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You might be scared or worried or even excited for your first period to come. This test will give you an estimate of when you will get your first period.
(If you do want a more Personal estimation comment down below I will try my best to get back to you in at least 1week)

  • 1
    I know every period quiz asks this but..

    How old are you?❤️
  • 2
    When did your mum or sister get her period?🎀
  • 3
    I’m sorry weird question
    What stage are your breasts at?🌹
    Look at the photo below and choose the closest option to the stage your at!
    I’m sorry weird question What stage are your breasts at?🌹 Look at the photo below and choose the closest option to the stage your at!

  • 4
    Okay I’m sorry another breast question..
    How long have your breasts been developing?🌸
  • 5
    Okay I’m sorry last breast question!
    What size bra do you wear!
    (If your breasts are fully developed but small this question might mess up your score a little sorry)
  • 6
    Do most your friends/ people in your year have there period?💛

  • 7
    Are you experiencing mood swings?
    Your happy one moment your crying the next then you just hate everything!
    (Don’t worry it’s not way to common
  • 8
    Have you had discharge? 🎡
    Goopy stuff in your underwear
  • 9
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 10
    How many of these PMS symptoms have you had?
    Pimples and/ or acne
    Mood swings
    Back pain
    Food cravings
    Sore breasts

  • 11
    Have you had any food cravings?🍔🥙🍬🍦🍩🍿🍰
    Cravings for chocolate sweets or salty food that aren’t really normal?
  • 12
    Have you had spotting?
    A spot or dot of pink or brown or red in your underwear?
  • 13
    Has your mum/ Dad/ caregiver Given you tampons/ pads Or a period kit?
  • 14
    Do you have leg hair?
    If you do hair removal then what would it be like without
  • 15
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 16
    Do you shave or do any method of hair removal?
    And when did you start?

  • 17
    Has your mom or caregiver mentioned your first period yet?
  • 18
    Do you feel like it will come soon?
  • 19
    Do you want it to come?
    (Doesn’t affect score)
  • 20
    Did you enjoy this quiz?
    (Doesn’t affect score just interested)
    Also if you want comment what I could improve on and I might make another test)

  • 21
    How much do you weigh in kg? ⚖️
  • 22
    What’s your height in cm?

Comments (67)


19 hours ago
great and accurate quiz good job!!!!!!
3 days ago
Mine said 1-5 months. I get that typically, I think your test is pretty accurate
15 days ago
i am so pissed i wont get my period in 1-2+ years i want to get my period now im 14 rears old just turned 14 sep 20 2020
18 days ago
Hi Brynn,
I think you are about 3 - 5 months away

I am not a doctor I am just trying to help!🙂
18 days ago
Please estimate me
I am 10 almost 11
I have some acne on my forehead
Stage 3 breast development
I have pubic hair I have leg hair I have armpit hair
I am 90 pounds
I am 5 feet tall
I went from size 12 in kids clothes to Junior clothes
I have back pain
I have cravings

So please estimate me
30 days ago
can i get estimated?

age 10 almost 11

breasts stage 3

Discharge : white had it for 1 year

spotting: every few weeks

mood swings


cramps all the time

mom got her 1 year older

119 pounds

5 ft

dark public hair

light wispy underarm hair

dark starting to curl leg and arm hair

5 pimples

headaches and constipation

dont have a period kit

plz tell me!!
48 days ago
Ooh it's been 3½ weeks!!!
72 days ago
If probably 3-4 weeks away be prepared
73 days ago
Can I plz get estimated?
So breasts: Stage 3
Discharge: White, sticky. Wears pantiliners. Had it for 1.3 years
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Awful cramps!
Very greasy hair and skin
Age 11
Mom got her's at 12
88 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair
Light wispy underarm hair
A mix of light and dark leg and arm hair but mostly dark
Blackheads all over nose and chin and occasional pimples
Headaches and constipation
Thx so much, if u need more info just ask.
74 days ago
I would like to be estimated please!
74 days ago
Hi y’all I’m new here
77 days ago
Based on your symptoms
1-2 months!
not too soon but not to long too wait! Aunt flow may come sooner or later then expected! if you haven’t started bringing a pad or tampon already carry around a period kit!
Good luck!

Welp... 😁😌😠😭😭😭
78 days ago
no name you will probably start soon. so you should probably start talking to somebody about it too.
78 days ago
im probably getting my period soon i got 1-5 months on the quiz and have all the symptoms
87 days ago
Hey guys pls help
Getting brown streaks on sides of my underwear for 2 years now (I turned 10 in March)
It seems stopped for like a Month know what up with that????!!
Thanks 🙏🏾
91 days ago
@Addie You are either spotting or having your period.
95 days ago
I’m I have brown streaks in my undies. I don’t know what it it. Can someone help me.
96 days ago
@No name please you probably will get it soon like 1 to 6 months but I’m not an expert start carrying pads liners or tampons just in case but remember you can’t rush nature
96 days ago
@Kate thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96 days ago
height: 4ft 11in
weight: 83 lbs
age: 11 in a month
when mom got her's: don't know/i'm adopted so it doesn't matter
discharge: everyday/ yellow-y, white-ish, had it for like 6-12 months
breast stage: 3
bra size: 32A
leg and arm hair: noticeable but not that much
pubic hair: lots, but not full or curly
pit hair: almost none
symptoms: cramps and cravings when i'm bored
been in puberty 1-2 years
please estimate me!