Do they like you?

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So originally we had a test that we all commented under but now all the comments are getting this is just going to have like 3 questions and mainly we just use the chat box!

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    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

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54 days ago
Jass: no problem! I'm glad things are working out for you 🥰
I'm not doing too bad myself, thanks. And i'd also like to mention that you've always been there for me one way or the other, too...thanks for that, it means a lot to me!
61 days ago
thankuu so much for your advice i kniw it was long but i m glad that u read it.. ❤️ U r always thete for me...
Now situation is mich better with me.. which i will explain whenever I’ll get time😄
How are u doing dear❤️
68 days ago
Hey guys! How are you all doing?
83 days ago
Jass: I'm so sorry, but I have no idea how to help you. I feel terrible, and I can only imagine how you feel...the only advice I can give you is to wait and see how it shakes out, since life is a strange rollercoaster that we're forced to ride
Hazel: if anything, you can text him a simple messege along the lines of "hey, how are you doing?" Or bring up a topic that the both of you were fond of. It may take a while, but I hope things work out for you two💖
87 days ago
Hi everyone!
I...feel like I have a crush on this guy (I’ll call him J). When we were still in school before the pandemic, we’d talk a lot, especially because we sat across from each other in math. We’re both really good at math, and he’d say my graphs were “perfect”, he’d say that he doesn’t feel smart around me, and went so far as to mumble a couple of times that I was perfect. We were pretty close and generally enjoyed being with each other. I thought I heard one of his friends tell him that she’d tell me he liked me as a threat. I really really thought that he liked me, but I was to shy to say anything about it because he might say no. After corona, we stopped talking for four months and I was really scared that he lost his feelings for me (that might or might not exist). We started talking again a little over two weeks ago. I can’t tell if he’s an awkward texter in general or if it’s just weird with me. He started doing streaks with me on Snapchat after talking twice, which I thought was interesting because we didn’t talk for four months prior. I feel like we lose what we have over text though- any advice as to how to get it back? Or how to be sure enough that he likes me to make a move?
- Hazel (not my real name!)
88 days ago
I KNow guys it is really long u dont have to read if u find it boring 😔
88 days ago
He said that M is in love .. Then i asked him when M told u that he loves me.. then he said that i met M day before yesterday... (at some place named tibbri) i know that M went tibbri cuz i saw one of his story where location was mentioned (Tibrri) but the point is that his cousin was lying because M’s cousin is in USA and M is in India.. so there is no chance that they both met..Then he said me that M is in true love with u... please don’t break his heart and accept his proposal.. i was like no i don’t trust.. first tell M to text me.. then I’ll believe it ...
Now week is going to be over but M didn’t texted me he is not even active on instagram from that day.. he has not used instagram from a week.. his cousin also unfollowed me.. and i have no clue about .. i m in too much stress these days and whenever i sit free it reminds me of M and i start crying.. i need ur help guys☹️
88 days ago
So M’s cousin is also my good friend.. one day he suddenly asked me how’s M.. i was like how could i know he is ur cousin.. then he keep asking me about him
After two days...
M’s cousin texted me and told me that i know u like M.. in reply i sent( 😂) this emoji.. after that he said M likes u alot.. i thought he was joking.. so i again sent 🤣🤣 this one then he said that y are u laughing.. then i said i know u r joking.. its not truth (actually M’s cousin very funny type and very flirty) . then after that i said him to stop joking cuz i know M well.. if there was something he would have told me... y would he tell u.. then he said that M is really shy guy and was afraid that u would reject
88 days ago
i was thinking that M would choose any option like nice, unique etc.. but next day when i was checking responses i was shocked to see..he. Chose option no. 9 which was CRUSH ON YOU.. i was shocked seeing that M is really a shy guy and would never say it directly.. so after that when i was sharing responses I usually keep the identity secret and don’t mention who choosed it.. when i shared his response.. he replied to that and said me who chose this option.. i was like what??? U r asking who chose this option.. he said yes.. i said u chose it.. then i sent him. Scrnshot of his response.. then he said no I didn’t.. he said he was not having his phn from last two days.. he said his phn was with his brother..
I really don’t think so that M would give his phone to anyone without logging out from instagram.. only M and god knows who chose that option..
after that day we had very less conversation..
88 days ago
So that day he followed me back.. i was really happy and he texted me hi, how r u?.. i was very happy then we had very long conversation.. like about an hour.
Then next day i posted a song.. lyrics of that song were that i always try to find u wherever i go.. then he replied to that.. song he said to whom you find.. i said no one.. then he said just tell me if there is someone.. i said no there is nothing like that do u think i lied.. then he said no no i trust you.. then again we had a long convo about school.. lockdown.. and stuff like this..
after that we usually had conversation in couple of days.. One day I uploaded a story on instagram.. in that stry.. i asked everyone to choose one option for me... there were many options like sweet. Cute. Irritating, crush on you etc etc
88 days ago
So guys!! I’m back!!
so guys there is a guy M.. for all who don’t know him
( he is a guy i m having crush since 7th grade.. so he goes to another school but he was my good freind becomes his sister goes to my school and is very good frnd of mine.. M and me were very good freinds but as go to another school... i was not in touch with him for about 1 and a half year.. I completely forgot about him.. but last month i found his ID on instagram...
89 days ago
Yeah, I completely agree with Karol. But most boys aren’t even willing to hug a girl so my guess would be that he does like you.
94 days ago
Olivia: well, it's hard to say. Boys are complicated. He's definetly being a good friend, making sure you're ok and talking to you often, but the hugging part seems more like boyfriend cuddling if it goes on for long enough. He might still have feelings for you, since crushes don't dissappear overnight, but then again he could just be leading you on. Give us some more updates as the days go by, and maybe we'll be able to get a better feel for Bradley
95 days ago
So i’m not really sure how to start this because it’s kind of confusing, but basically my ex and i were on and off for the best part of a year and this other boy, Bradley liked me the whole time and now my ex and i are over he’s coming over and talking to me at school more, hugging me for literally 10 minutes straight and making sure i’m okay just in general and i’m still kinda confused wether he’s just being nice now my ex won’t yell at him or if he still likes me? you guys seem to know more than a lot of my friends so i would really appreciate you replying x
96 days ago
Sundae: aww, that is really cute! Hope you two have a great time💖

Also, where is everybody else? I haven't seen Ryan or Lace in a long time...does anybody know anything about them?
99 days ago
Oh yay! Hope that goes well for you!

Yeah, I know. I learnt that from P so I’m still a little nervous.....

Jackson, Alissa, and I are hanging out at the amusement park this Saturday. We made plans to go with the whole class but a lot of people were busy so it’s just Jackson, Alissa, and I.
Alissa and I dared Jackson to go on this thing he’s scared of and after we dared him to, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m probably going to grab your hand in fright when we’re on it.” I laughed and he laughed but then he repeated it a few more times soooo.... idk.
He also is taking me to the amusement park because he lives a block away from me and I’m scared of subways and we have to take a subway to get there. So Jackson offered to take me there.... I don’t know if he’s just being nice though.
99 days ago
Hi guys!😌 how is everyone??? I'm seeing my crush in less than 3 weeks so I'm pretty happy😊
102 days ago
Sundae: hmmm...does Jackson have a crush??? Look like it might be! However, he could also be trying to dissipate some of the tension. Don't get your hopes too far up, because if he turns around and breaks you it's going to hurt worse
BUT...I do think he likes you!
104 days ago
Hey guys!
Today was my last day of school!
Today Jackson told Mr. M that if he ever re-marries that we all want to be invited to the wedding and Mr. M responded with, “Jackson, invite me to your wedding to Ari then.”
I gasped and was like, “WHAT?” and was so shocked and embarrassed. Jackson turned to me and smiled and goes, “What?” And had the same reaction then looked at me again and was like, “I didn’t hear what he said.” And he obviously had heard it because of his reaction so yeah😅 Then Mr. M says, “I’m just messing with you Jackson”
And Jackson just sort of stared for a second then finally came back to his senses. He thej next looked at me and went, “Nah, Ari’s a bit weird...if you know what I mean. Wink wink”
(That’s an inside joke between us because once we had a friend who thought that I was lesbian because I always hang out with boys and thought I had a crush on Jo -P’s ex-gf - and said “Yeah, You and Jo right? If you know what I mean. Wink wink. I know you like her!” And then I had to explain to the person that I’m unfortunately very straight and Jackson was there that whole time and uses it as an inside joke any time someone talks about anything relationship related)

Anyways...Then J turned around and whacked him and he was laughing and stuff.

The rest of the time at school Jackson and I walked around and talked. He was trying to hang out a lot with just me and asking if I wanted to go with him to different random places. So yeah, I have to go cause otherwise I’ll be late to meeting up with my friend Dylan.
104 days ago
Hey! pretty good quiz........