How well do you know the Warrior Cats?

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This isn't your regular Warrior Cats quiz, this a quiz where I describe a cat and you guess it

  • 1
    This cat is a calico she-cat that was jealous of her sister of getting so much attention. and trained in a bad place
  • 2
    This is a Tom-cat who was jealous of his brother who had all the love from there mother
  • 3
    This is a she-cat did not have any siblings and did not have a mother and grew up in Riverclan

  • 4
    This Tom-cat has a funny sense of humor until his mate dies and he must stay with his kits to have memory of his lost wife
  • 5
    This Calico She-cat does not need anybody she is fierce and went to the dark forest
  • 6
    This Tom-cat also has a lot of ambition and courage. But that made a turn for the worst when he wanted power

  • 7
    This She-cat very passionate in the warrior code but was destroyed when a cat knew some big secret
  • 8
    This Tom-cat born to be leader and made many friends on the way but one clanmate could have destroyed it all
  • 9
    This She-cat is very energetic until a bad injury marks a new path for her
  • 10
    This Tom-cat wanted some much to be a warrior to impress his father but a different fate lies ahead of him

  • 11
    This Feirce she-cat is ginger but if someone is a real big fan of her they will kill you if you don't include her one white paw in drawings
  • 12
    This Tom-cat wants to be there for his clan but is forced out by fear
  • 13
    This She-cat was an amazing warrior until Starclan forces her into a different destiny witch leads to destruction in the clans
  • 14
    This particular Tom-cat is misunderstood by the way his family acted
  • 15
    This She-cat is kind and loving and would do anything to protect one in particular cat
  • 16
    This Tom-cat is bad to the bone this cat was born evil and swore to destroy the clans from a mothers promise

  • 17
    This She-cat is one of the greatest hunters in thunderclan history and is Loyal and Courage all the way through
  • 18
    This last Tom-cat we all "love" he is a windclan cat that is coll at the beginning but is a jerk the other times

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