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Warrior Cats book 1: The Jay's storm

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2 Chapter - 413 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 151 taken-The story is currently being written

Jaykit is frequently bullied, excluded, not loved, and is born evil. His littermate Owlkit, is the exact opposite. Owlkit is frequently loved, included, loved and cared, and is born sweet.......

Jaykit opened his eyes for the first time. He was a gray tabby tom and his eyes were icy blue. He looked at his mother and his father. His mother was a brown she cat with blue eyes named Flutterbird, and His father was a Dark gray tom with green eyes, named Darkflight. He blinked at his littermate, Owlkit, A little big brown tom for a kit, was scampering around his father and mother, bouncing around them. He looked as though he opened his eyes an hour ago(i don't know what cats call an hour). Somehow to his eyes, Owlkit looked so smug and Big. Jaykit tapped his mother. Flutterbird looked at him." You opened your eyes, good job." Jaykit felt confused. Wasn't his mother and father going to be more excited? Darkflight shrugged. "Good job, Jaykit" Jaykit frowned. His inner mind shuddered with disappointment. Wasn't they happy he was born? Owlkit Looked at him. "Wow, You opened your eyes! I opened my eyes sooner, but you opened your eyes well! Let's play!" Jaykit throat escaped a snarl. Why wasn't his mother and father happy that he opened his eyes as Owlkit? Why is Owlkit more happy then his Mother and father, who loves him more? Jaykit plopped down, glaring at him. "I don't want to play now, thanks!" He snapped. Flutterbird hissed at him. "Be nice to Owlkit, Jaykit! Go play with him and explore the camp!" Jaykit's eyes flashed with anger as he and Owlkit walked outside camp.

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