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Remember this is only as accurate as you make it! I hope it helps you like these helped me!
Comment any questions you have!

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58 days ago
YA MAKE A BRA QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
58 days ago
I am considering making a bra quiz also! Just quizzes for girls
I’ll post the url here when I finish!
58 days ago
To anyone new here: I will estimate anyone if they post in the comments! I’ll try to check at least once a day
58 days ago
Jasmin this is sorta late but that sounds like a 2-3 months there
73 days ago
Hi if you want you can take this test
82 days ago
Hi I was wondering if I could have a estimate? I’m 11 years old (almost 12) my mom got hers at 12. I started discharge about 5 and 1 half months ago. I have lots of discharge but now it seems to be slowing down a bit. I had a few cramps when I started discharge but now I’m having them bad and a lot. I’m having lots of headaches too. I recently went through a growths spurt and might be in one now. I have mood swings all the time. I sweat a lot and smell. I have dark long and start hairs in my pubic area. I have some long brown hairs on my legs (same for my arms) and my arm put hair is getting long and curly. My breast have gotten much bigger in the past few days.
84 days ago
Ok thanks :)
84 days ago
I’m no expert but I wld say to keep an out over the next 0-4 months because you’ve only been getting discharge for 5 months but you also get lots of PMS symptoms, and are at the stage in puberty when most girls start their period.

Good luck 😉 and carry pads around just in case!!
84 days ago
Can someone please give an estimate ?

Im 12 and my mum got it at 13.
My breasts are at stage three maybe 1-2 months away from stage 4 at the rate that they are growing.
They have been growing for about 2.3 years.
Im a 28b.
My breasts have been hurting alot more lately and they sometimes have a stinging pain. Sometimes they are sensitive.
My hair down there is dark, long, thick and curly and has been growing for like 3 years.
My armpit hair is straight and dark brown and it has been growing for about 4-5 months.
My body hair is dark and getting more noticable.
My discharge is white thick and goey sometimes clear and slippery/goey. Sometimes watery. I have had it for about 5 months but i may have not noticed it before.
I get atleast 1 cramp a week. I get some lower back pain and upper leg pain. Also i get lower waist pain.
I get lots of headaches. I get lots of cravings. And LOTS of moodswings.
May have ovulated 5 days ago but im not sure.
87 days ago
Thanks I can't wait 😀
87 days ago
@animal lover 0-3 months i would say
88 days ago
Can some one estimate me plz and thank you

Age weight and height: I'm 10yrs old and I weigh 81 pounds and i'm 4'10 I've been in puberty for 2yrs

Discharge: a large amount everyday it is sticky and kinda stretchy .
Idk when my mom got hers. I've had it for 8 months

Breasts: I wear a training bra but I fit into a A bra

Pms: I get mood swings all the time and Soooooooo many cravings . I get lower back pain and like a straight line of pain. In my abdomen and head aches .

Hair: I've got almost full pubic hair and full arm/leg hair a good bit of armpit hairs and I have to wear deodorant .
I have to shower everyday . Thanks 💜
91 days ago
Hey guys I made a experience of my abuse

Mainly bc someone on here said that abuse wasn't as bad as I made it sound which it is so yeah please read and comment on it
91 days ago
Last time i did this it was 3-5 months but now it is 6-12 months haha.
91 days ago
I took this quiz because Maddy put it on the period quiz,not because I’m a crewp😂
91 days ago
3-5 months! Wow! You’re really close. Definitely carry stuff around with you everywhere so you don’t get caught off guard.

Feel free to ask anything or even for an estimate in the comments!


Mum got it when 12
105 lbs
B cup
I shave
Mood swings:on my period
Cravings:on my period
Spotting:none,except for 2 gallons of blood on my period
Face break outs:around a week before my period
109 days ago
i took a first kiss test and it said 19+
109 days ago
Yeah that’s true i guess most of us who have so far do have it lol
109 days ago
no the questions are all good because most people who take the quiz won’t have it 😂
109 days ago
Yeah the spotting one I made not worth as many points except the one where you have continuous spotting for a week that’s actually their period