Do you qualify as random?

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How many pleats does a chefs hat have? And is there a polka dotted zebra under your bed? And are you a random person or do you just call your self that?

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    Do you have a polka dotted zebra under your bed?

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334 days ago
I am DEFINITELY not normal xD
692 days ago
705 days ago
Do you qualify as random?
Hmmm, ok, not very random but you’re getting there.

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On average, 5 of users who took the LOL NICE QUIZ
706 days ago
I scored a pretty random person!!!! Yay!
710 days ago
Thank you very much Girlygirl07!!!!
714 days ago
Sexy ravenclaw, you make great quizzes!
721 days ago
Thank youuu!!!
721 days ago
You are not a random person, you are sadly quite normal. I’m willing to bet that you’re (shudder)popular.

You have correctly answered 1 of 10 questions.