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Thoughts and conversations I have

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Okay I have bad social anxiety so most of this is just my reaction to other people. And people talking to me enjoy


    School conversations:
    Mrs j: Maddy go pick that up now!
    Me: (puts head down and slowly cries while I'm being judged for crying in front of my whole class)

    My bestie: hey Maddy I found some girls to hang with is it ok if I just like start hanging with them for recess
    Me: umm yeah that's fine (thinks: no please don't leave I've heard this to many times before you will go with them and ditch me)

    Are they talking about me? They are staring while whispering and they just said my name well hello tissues

    I really like him I can't even talk to him in person I've known him for two years and never met him in person wait no I can't do that oh well

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