How to deal with bullying

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Bullying is a terrible thing, it can make us hate ourselves, but I'm here to help

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    Stay strong
    I know this may seem strange but I've seen it work, don't let bullies know their causing you misery, or they'll want to do it more
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    Get help
    If you feel sad or like nobody loves you, get help from friends or family, talk to them and tell them how you feel
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    It's okay to cry
    If you need to cry, cry. bottling it up won't help, the balloon that is your emotion will blow up and up and burst, that when feeling suicidal hits

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    Don't acknowledge them
    Unless you can't, just walk on past the bully, you don't need to hear what they have to say
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    Be tolerant
    Unless it's impossible, tolerate the bully, you need to remember that they probably have a bad life themselves
  • Place 5
    Remember someone loves you
    Whether it's a parent, a friend, a boy/girlfriend, or even a pet, someone loves you

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    Steer clear
    They can't bully you from the other side of a school hall
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    Do something you like
    Do something you enjoy, it may take your mind of the bully for a while
  • Place 2
    Love yourself
    Remember, you are a great happy person and you deserve love
  • Place 1
    Be nice to others
    Be nice to others and they will be your friends, and friends are better than any other way of coping

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