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Jay's Quest Chapter 1

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So this may not continue, I am just going to see if it is good or if you guys want another.

Chapter 1 Jay walked through the forest to try to find Nightclaw and he met a black and brown tom. "What are you doing here, rouge?" The tom
Chapter 1
Jay walked through the forest to try to find Nightclaw and he met a black and brown tom. "What are you doing here, rouge?" The tom asked. "Okay, okay, I am just looking for Nightclaw!"Jay said. "You mean our deputy, Nightclaw? "The tom asked. He got the rank! "I guess." Jay answered." In that case, I'm Domioclaw and I will take you to him."Thanks, I guess..."Jay said. Domioclaw led him to a gorge like place and he saw a bunch of cats and in the middle was Nightclaw. Domioclaw left to a den and Jay ran to Nightclaw. "I told you never to come to camp, Jay! "Nightclaw yelled. "I was looking for you and Domioclaw led me here!" Jay said, trying to defend himself. "What is this rouge doing here Nightclaw?" a brown tom asked." Sharpstar, this is Jay.He came into camp under Domioclaw's watch and came up to me. "Nightclaw said. "Hello, do I get a say in what I'm doing here?" Jay asked. A she-cat came running out of a den." StarClan has spoken Sharpstar, they said to trust the unknown." she said. "I guess that is you, rouge." Sharpstar said."What do I need to do?"

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... I'm willing not to throw a flip flop at you...
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Oop I forgot Meadowpaw and Foxpaw are not brother and sister
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Just going to put my sample of my first book of the elements rise here

Foxpaw was hunting the biggest juiciest hare she ever saw. “Wait what was that?” Foxpaw said as she saw a bush shake from the corner of her view of vision. “It was probably nothing or another big hare.” Foxpaw told herself. Foxpaw walked over to the bush in a stalk. Foxpaw saw a long ginger tail. A ginger cat tail? Was this Firestar the great leader of ThunderClan once? A ginger form leaped out of the bush onto Foxpaw. The cat has bushes for eyes wait no the Tom had green eyes with stars in his fur. “Firestar?” Foxpaw asked the ginger tom. Firestar offends Foxpaw a paw. Foxpaw takes it and Firestar picks Foxpaw up. “Why are you here in my dream?” Foxpaw asked Firestar. “Follow me.” Firestar mewed. They walk into a lovely lush rich with plants clearing.

Was that Flagpost with a Blue-Gray She-Cat. Now Foxpaw was really confused. “Hello Bluestar and Flagpost.” Firestar mewed to Flagpost and the Blue-Gray she-cat. “Hello Firestar and Foxpaw.” Bluestar mewed. “Why did you bring us here?” Foxpaw asked. “A Prophecy Foxpaw.” Bluestar rolled her eyes. “What is the prophecy?” Flagpost asked. “Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Found in the darkest hour. When they reach the age of apprentices. Will save the Clans from a great evil rising again. In the end Five clans will become four. Only the four kits can save us all.” Firestar and Bluestar spoke in unison. “Four kits? Fire, Air, Water, and Earth this makes no sense to me.” Foxpaw mewed. “You will understand soon enough Foxpaw.” Firestar mewed as he and Bluestar faded.

Foxpaw woke up. Her brother Meadowpaw slept soundly next to Foxpaw. The morning light started to filter through the entrance to the apprentice den. Foxpaw yawned, waking up Meadowpaw who kicked his foot that made Vixenpaw wake up. “Holy Voles. Why did you wake me at this time?” Vixenpaw asked Meadowpaw. “Hey ask Foxpaw not me Vixenpaw.” Meadowpaw yawned. “Foxpaw, why in the name of StarClan did you wake us up before it’s dawn” Vixenpaw yawns. “It’s past dawn Fox-Brain. Use that Brain of yours. Wait I just remembered you have no brain.” Foxpaw slapped Vixenpaw’s forehead. Flamestar came into the den. “Foxpaw come with me.” Flamstar mewed. “Ooooo you in trouble!” Meadowpaw whispered teasing.

Foxpaw and Flamestar walked into the Medicine Cat den. Flagpost sat there with his eyes close and Wingpaw probably was out getting herbs. “Flagpost you said that you were with him when he got a prophecy is that right?” Flamestar asked. “Yes Flamestar.” Foxpaw answered Flamestar’s question. “Then you will guide the quest to find these kits. Take with you Mellowberry, Moonsong, and Vixenpaw.” Flamestar said. “But won’t we need Flagpost to come along? Foxpaw asked uneasy. “Yes you will. Flagpost do you think that Wingpaw can stay here and take care of your duties for a while?” Flamestar mewed. “Yes Wingpaw can. She has remembered most of the herbs and their uses.” Flagpost said startled. “Then Bumbleheart and Meadowpaw can help her. Bumbleheart was a Medicine cat once you know?” Flamestar said.

Very Long chapter one
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good?Please answer,I realy want to make another
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