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Warriors 2 The Rising Tension (2)

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2 Chapter - 638 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 242 taken-The story is currently being written

Leafpaw runs in to see foxes attacking the camp. What should he do?

Leafpaw burst in with Larkpaw on his side.He was really surprised...shocked actually.A big family of foxes were attacking, but he and Larkpaw didn't know even one battle move that could defeat foxes! He jumped in the battle and Tried that move to a young fox, hoping it's young enough to not know that move, but it was hopeless. The fox Pounced at him, But his mother, Mouseflight took the challenge and fought the fox. She panted and shouted. "Leafpaw, run!" Leafpaw ran into a bush. He was panicked, not knowing not to do. He tried to calm himself down and inspected the other warriors's moves. One was swiping at a fox with standing with hindlegs and another was jumping on a foxes back and biting it's neck. Leafpaw didn't know what to do for sure, but he had to do something. He ran in the battle again and hurtled himself to the closest fox. The fox stared at him with surprise. Leafpaw felt embarrased, he knew the fox was surprised that he looked like a kit in the battle, being 6 moons and all. He still concentrated, hurtling like a star and knocking the fox out of it's paws. The fox was grown, but a grown kit so the fox was only a little bigger than he was. Leafpaw then swiped at the fox, only standing on his hind legs. He felt like flying and felt bigger than the fox-until he wobbled and lost his balance, falling on the ground. The fox never missed it's chance. The fox sunk his fangs deep in his back. Leafpaw struggled. Then the fox went for his neck.

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Thank you for the encouragement Winterstar!
And yes,i will :)
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*bows head* May she find plenty of prey, swift running, and peace.

You should make more.