First Period Quiz! Will it happen soon?

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Is your first period right around the corner? Or do you have a bit to go? Find out with my brand new (and first!) quiz on periods! I hope you find some help in my quiz, feel free to comment and ask for estimates/help, I’ll do my best to assist!
Remember, no hate ❤️

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    Question number one! What’s your age

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59 days ago
62 days ago
No problem Elise ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
62 days ago
Thank you for the estimation
65 days ago
@... well it’s not always accurate so ask for an estimation if you want! For most people it’s accurate but you may have a different body type and symptoms. So ask for an estimation
Don’t talk about your sisters suicide or that stuff here but I’d say
1-4 months. Thanks for only asking for an estimation and not being weird
@abiodun get off my quiz now. You are a stalker and everything proves it. You asked for time zones, where me and my friends lived, out emails and instagrams. You also asked us to download an app to private chat you you FREAK FACE
65 days ago
Um i took this quiz 3times (diff days) and it said 2 weeks i took it today and it said 6+months?????
66 days ago
Can I be estimated please?
breasts: Stage 3.5
Discharge: Brownish but mostly egg white like. Had it for Over a year
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Cravings gimme the chocolate!!
Horrible cramps!
Very greasy hair and oily skin
Age 12.5
Mom got her's at 11
96.5 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair Still some straight ones though
Light brown straight underarm hair
Black hairs on legs and arms
Zits everywhere
Headaches and constipation And diarrhea
66 days ago
66 days ago
First Period Quiz/ When will it come?
66 days ago
Give me a sec to type my estimation information
66 days ago
What’s up? What do you need help with?
66 days ago
Hi everyone! Can you estimate me please?
66 days ago
hello howyall doing please help me
67 days ago
Hi Gab! I know you must be worried about when you’ll get it, and I’d say roughly 2-4 months! Once you feel a cramp (stabbing pain beneath the bellybutton) or back/upper leg aches know that’s a sign it’ll come soon. Best of luck to you ❤️
67 days ago
I am 15
my mom got it at 14
Ive had discharge since I was 12
no spotting
im a 34b and started developing breasts at age 11
I dont have cramps or constipation
sometimes I crave salty or sweet foods and I've always had mood swings for awhile I thnk they're just hormones
I shave my legs everyday even tho I prob dont need to but I just like to
I've had pubic hair since 12 and underarm hair since 13
67 days ago
Yep! Here is what I need to know:
Your age
Your moms age when she got hers
If you have discharge, and what it’s like
How long you’ve had discharge
If you’ve spotted
What stage your breasts are at
How long your breasts have been developing
If you have cramps/constipation/etc
If you have mood swings/cravings/etc
Your arm/leg hair (what it looks like) and how long you’ve had it
Your pubic/underarm hair (what it looks like) and how long you’ve had it

And anything else you feel is important to add!
Thanks for takin fm my quiz ❤️
68 days ago
getsemani can u estimate me?
70 days ago
No problem ❤️ 🤗😄
Good luck
70 days ago
Thx so much Getsemani 💖
71 days ago
Hi Addison!
You have cramps and spotting and hour mom was only a year older than you- goodness! I’d say 1-4 months girl good luckkkkk ❤️
71 days ago
Can I plz get estimated?
So breasts: Stage 3
Discharge: White, sticky. Wears pantiliners. Had it for 1.3 years
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Awful cramps!
Very greasy hair and skin
Age 11
Mom got her's at 12
88 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair
Light wispy underarm hair
A mix of light and dark leg and arm hair but mostly dark
Blackheads all over nose and chin and occasional pimples
Headaches and constipation
Thx so much, if u need more info just ask.