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Experiment 58

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5 Chapter - 1.163 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 60 taken-The story is currently being written

(This is just a complete copy of Experiment 58). There are 5 friends working together: Kayden, Juan, Atticus, Ray & Aiden. They are all experiments. Aiden lost his parents when he was a little boy, so his big sister Sam takes care of him. Aiden has visions along with the other Experiments. [ Warning this might be violent to young kids][Imagine the characters as LPS ]

Characters: Aiden, Professor. Scheme, Melissa, Kayden, Atticus, Sam, Ray, Juan and many more.

Looks: Aidens' a reddish brown border collie with white freckles & blue eyes with glasses. Professor. Scheme is a white greyhound with a sky blue paws, muzzle and under primary. Melissa is a completely white meerkat with purple eyes. Kayden is a brown unknown animal with 4 teal ears, dark brown freckles, deer antlers, a fox tail, left eye amber color, right eye cyan. Ray is a orange tabby cat with no stripes. Atticus is a cookie doe colored pit bull with turquoise blinded looking eyes, a spiky horse tail that's color fades from dark brown to cyan, spiky emo-punk looking hair that's basically same as tail. Juan is a black furry snow cat with black wings and orange eyes. Sam is the same as Aiden but no glasses.

Personality: Aiden is loyal, sometimes a coward, And he has a very, very creative mind. Professor. Scheme is a experiment himself, rather evil, misunderstood, and lonely. Melissa is kind, soft, And helpful. Kayden is sometimes weird, kind, creative, and very intelligent. Atticus is energetic, a bit annoying, & excited for everything. Sam is protective, emotional, kind, loyal and brave. Ray is smart, loyal, and a bit quiet sometimes. Juan is one that never gives up, smart, and I don't know he's just everything.

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