First Period Test

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Not 100% accurate but will give you a rough idea.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mum when she had her first period?
  • 3
    Do you have discharge?

  • 4
    What is your bra size?
  • 5
    Do you have hair down there?
  • 6
    Do you have armpit hair?

  • 7
    Do you get lower stomach cramps? (Under the belly button)
  • 8
    How tall are you? (In centimetres)
  • 9
    How much do you weigh? (Pounds)
  • 10
    How many of these have you experienced?
    Mood swings
    Lower stomach cramps
    Tender breasts

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2 days ago
Plz estimate me!!

Discharge: I think I got discharge for the first time like 5 months (or more) ago only like 1-2 times so far and it was yellowish brown kinda like a darker cream color
Breasts stage 2 Been the same size for like 2-3 years but I feel like they have resently been starting to grow a little
Weight: like 110 lbs
Age: 14 and 3/4
Been in puberty for 2 years
Height: 4'7
No resent growth spurt haven't grown any in at least a year
A32- A34 bra been wearing this for 3 years I think for sure 2
armpit hair: none
Public hair: is medium brown, medium- large amount, super curly and long, had for a while maybe like 2 years or more idk for sure tho, shaved it for the first time resently
Leg hair: Need to shave my legs every couple weeks, lighter leg hair been shaving for 2 years
Descent amount of light colored arm hair have to cut every so often
Cramps: none maybe had my first one resently tho, lower pain
Big crush, want to date him really bad (I'm a girl)
Acne: none, no oily skin either
Cravings: Some cravings but not too often
Mood: rare to none mood swings I'm just a sassy person overall lol
Sleep: More tired some days like 2-3 days a week maybe and have been having a harder time falling asleep lately
No greasy hair, shower everyday tho always have
Sweatier on hot days mostly, wear deodorant everyday tho
Don't feel bloated
Not constipated
Upper legs hurt at night
No visible weight gain or hip widening
Appetite: hungrier more often lately, need lots more snacks and stuff
Not sure when mom and sure when mom and sister got theirs but I know they were younger then me maybe like 11-13
Lots of people my age or younger have it

*Sry if anything in tmi*
27 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Im 11, 4 months away from being 12.
Mom got it at about 12-12.5
My ๐ŸŒป are triangles, in about stage 2.5-3, have been growing for about 8 months-1 year
Some pimples, not much but i have to wash my face every day
Not much underarm hair, blonde and wispy
Pubic hair is short and brown and straight, not much
My arms and legs are basically covered in hair, and its starting to curl. Dark brown.
I crave junk food every day
Im moody about 3-5 times a week
Never spotted
Discharge is a few drops that is clear and soaks into underwear, about 3-4 times a week
B.O. is so bad i have to wear deodorant
Cramps about 5 times a week
74 pounds, but I have always been really small
4 foot 8 inches (maybe a little more)
55 days ago
Don't worry Izzy! Everything will be fine!!!
63 days ago
63 days ago
I'd say 2 months at most Elise. Good luck!
69 days ago
Can I be estimated please?
breasts: Stage 3.5
Discharge: Brownish but mostly egg white like. Had it for Over a year
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Cravings gimme the chocolate!!
Horrible cramps!
Very greasy hair and oily skin
Age 12.5
Mom got her's at 11
96.5 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair Still some straight ones though
Light brown straight underarm hair
Black hairs on legs and arms
Zits everywhere
Headaches and constipation And diarrhea
76 days ago
Yeah of course Elise
76 days ago
76 days ago
Hi yโ€™all! Iโ€™m new... am I allowed to stay? If so can one of yโ€™all estimate me?
78 days ago
Oh I forgot to add boosoms lol! There almost at stage 3
78 days ago
Hi I was wondering if I could have a estimate? Iโ€™m 11 years old (almost 12) my mom got hers at 12. I started discharge about 5 and 1 half months ago. I have lots of discharge but now it seems to be slowing down a bit. I had a few cramps when I started discharge but now Iโ€™m having them bad and a lot. Iโ€™m having lots of headaches too. I recently went through a growths spurt and might be in one now. I have mood swings all the time. I sweat a lot and smell. I have dark long and start hairs in my pubic area. I have some long brown hairs on my legs (same for my arms) and my arm put hair is getting long and curly. My breast have gotten much bigger in the past few days.
79 days ago
I'm not joking I was literally laughing then I just started crying while taking the test
80 days ago
@Animal lover possibly 3 months. xx
80 days ago
@moto I would say about 3 months at most but depending on when your breasts began to grow. Good luck xx
80 days ago
Hi so I'm from the one that I normal talk on but anyways here my estmation in need,
I have some headaches but not many,
My hair doesn't get that greasy,
I have blackheads and I don't get that many pimples,
I have armpit hair and has had it since like 4 months ago,
I've had the same arm hair since 3-4th grade brown and straight
I don't get much bloating or cramping but I get diarrhea a lot,
I have lots of pubic hairs and my longest one is like 1 inch and a halve and I've had it since the beginning of 6th grade and it's black and starting to curl,
I get discharge every day since like one day last summer,
I don't spot at all,
I had a hip cramp so bad that I couldn't even walk,
I don't have that many upper leg soreness ( I ride horses and they get sore does that count?),
My leg hair is the same as my arm hair,
My age is 12 and I don't know when my mom got hers,
I almost have a bf and I love him so much,
I've been so emotional that I cried over a game and I get mad over the slightest of things,
I haven't been myself lately and I've been having really weird cravings like chicken flavored ramon noddles
80 days ago
Can some one estimate me plz and thank you

Age weight and height: I'm 10yrs old and I weigh 81 pounds and i'm 4'10 I've been in puberty for 2yrs

Discharge: a large amount everyday it is sticky and kinda stretchy .
Idk when my mom got hers. I've had it for 8 months

Breasts: I wear a training bra but I fit into a A bra

Pms: I get mood swings all the time and Soooooooo many cravings . I get lower back pain and like a straight line of pain. In my abdomen and head aches .

Hair: I've got almost full pubic hair and full arm/leg hair a good bit of armpit hairs and I have to wear deodorant .
I have to shower everyday . Thanks ๐Ÿ’œ
81 days ago
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81 days ago
Lauren also same person
81 days ago
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81 days ago
Umm.. Why are BOYS here???? Girls only!!! Duh!!