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My feelings in a poem

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This is a poem about me I stopped feeling this way but I started feeling every bit of it again just a week ago so no hate thanks


    Everything I do
    Is wrong
    When I have opinions people always claim them false

    Every poem I make is fake
    In the eyes of some of the audience
    Every friend I have finds a better place

    I'm being lied too
    I suck at poems
    I suck at life
    I never asked to be alive

    People will not care to see this
    People won't care to be there
    But the ones who do this is my truth

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70 days ago
This is great Maddy 💖
76 days ago
Thx I actually am starting to need some suggestions if any of you have any please help meee thanks

76 days ago
It's really good!!!!
80 days ago
This is so good!!!!!!!!!!
81 days ago
This is really good!!
81 days ago
Drama queen- I changed my mind I said I would make more

Getsemani- I like honesty better even if it's bad as long as people say it nicely so thank you ❤️
81 days ago
@Drama yah, but maybe honesty isn’t the best? Idk, sorry if I come off rude. I’m always honest but I don’t dwell on things hat could be better ❤️ I just love the poems and tell them why! (No hate not tryna be rude just advice ❤️)
81 days ago
Awwww, no you have awesome poems!!! The truth is, I’ve never wrote one, I can’t think of anything that rhymes!!! Sorry, that sometimes I said that you could’ve done better; I was just being honest.
81 days ago
Thanks zina I forgot all about that today but luckily I remember
81 days ago
This is great Maddy! Your poems are AMAZING! I wish I could write like you!
81 days ago
Aww thanks ❤️ I’m actually thinking about it and I might! And yessss that’s such a good idea!!!
81 days ago
You should publish more yours are so good ,❤️💙
81 days ago
Thanks I might it's why I wrote them on this site so I could one day just look my name up and find them all 😊
81 days ago
Aww thanks Maddy! I wanna publish some of mine in a book at some point- you should too! Yours are so pretty and flowy and you have so many good ones ❤️
81 days ago
Thanks your so kind 😊 btw I love yours too it sounded so professional 😊
81 days ago
I’m happy 😊 I love your poems, and it’s really fun to go to the link and read them. Honestly one of the best parts of my day!
81 days ago
That's a good point thank you 😊
81 days ago
And what I said is the truth ❤️ do not stop doing what you love for some losers who are only rude because they can’t write like you do ❤️ they are jealous of you, Maddy, so ignore them. They’ll stop ❤️
81 days ago
Yeah your right getsemani I guess I was looking in the hate lol bc a lot of ppl hate but I guess it just happens I guess I'll make more
81 days ago
Maddy- uhhhmmm NO? YOUR POEMS ARE SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I LOVE THEM AND I LOOK UP TO THEM! hey girl, the haters gonna hate, but just ignore them ❤️
Ignore them. They shouldn’t tell you if you are false. Everyone deserves their own opinion! Ignore the 🍦s that say otherwise. Don’t hate your life Maddy 🥺❤️
Ps. I love your poems please i beg of you make more! They are gorgeous and so well written and thought out