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A crush. A poem for him, though I take precautions to make sure he’ll never see it. Is it because I’m scared? Well no, more scared of him actually

Truth isn’t skin deep like they say
Yet it seems to come every other way
The times you say it, and I break your heart
Because I knew it even from our start
Countless voices, whispering lies
Of love, loss, of wrenching tries
Our stories of past and your hope, much more
Still the price would be me, behind a locked door

-Getsemani, August 2 2020

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80 days ago
Thanks AddyNick ❤️
81 days ago
Great poem!
87 days ago
Thanks Raven! ❤️
87 days ago
Lovely poem!
87 days ago
No problem Maddy! I’m happy to help
87 days ago
Thanks so much I was always in advance reading but we never did poems I mean I did in third grade but that was five years ago. Thanks for the advice these will be of great use to me thanks for helping me 😊
87 days ago
Yeah! So actually a two years ago I was in an advanced reading class, and my teacher was obsessed with poems, so most of my knowledge was from there, but try this, the one I took isn’t available any more but here’s a link I’ve used- it has advice and some exercises to try:
http://creative-writing-course.thecr aftywriter.com/how-to-write-poems/
Also, as much of my experience comes from that class, I found a site that teaches my personal favorite kind of poem- Iambic Tetrameters. Although I haven’t posted any on here I want to at some point- Iambic Tetrameters work by alternating the stressed syllable for 8 syllables. It’s kind of difficult to find words for, but it’s the best flowing kind. Here’s a link I found on that:
https://penandthepad.com/beats-poetry-me an-8329041.html
Sorry I couldn’t get the exact class I took, but I hope these lessons will be of use to you! I can help find more too if you want, all you need do is ask ❤️
87 days ago
Really I didn't take any classes though I wish I could are there any free ones online or any apps you recommend getsemani thanks
87 days ago
Aww thanks so much Loner! I want to be a poet/author as a side job when I’m older, so I took some advanced classes at my school and online haha. Don’t say that though! I’m sure your poems are amazing, and if you want I can give you advice on making a poem flow better ❤️ thanks so much
87 days ago
y do yall sound like Maya Angelou!!!!! All yall poems are too good!!!! Im just sitting in the corner making useless rhymes!!
87 days ago
Your welcome getsemani. Have a great day!!
87 days ago
Thank you so much Maddy! That really means a lot ❤️
87 days ago
Hey getsemani I came here from my poem when you said you might make one too I searched the comments in anshikas quiz lol. But this is so deep and beautifully written great job 😊
88 days ago
Thanks Maya. I’m glad you like it ❤️
88 days ago
Wonderful poem Getsemani!
88 days ago
He’s not mean. I want to make sure that’s straight. He used to be a good kid but he’s been turning bad- to detentions, suspensions- and it’s honestly scary to see a friend (I friend zoned him when he asked me out, but now we still talk a lot i know he wants to be more than friends and idk) it’s hard to see a friend fall, and you can’t help them. It’s really tough. So please understand he’s not a bad guy yet, I’m afraid of any relationship because of what he might become