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Stories about my childhood crushes so far.

    My first crush was in kindergarten and first grade. His name was A.J. I liked him because he would grab my pencil case from the cubbies in the morning. And in first grade, he invited everyone to his birthday party, and he talked to me more than most of the people at his party.
    In 2-3 grade, I had a crush on a kid named Boston. I just thought he was kinda cute. Then he turned weird.
    In 4-5 grade, I had a crush on Wyatt. This was because we both would play four square together everyday at recess. He was funny, nice to me, and would spend time with me.
    In 6th grade, for a few months, I had a crush on Nate. He was funny, and held the door for just me a few times. Then he was weird.
    In seventh, I had a crush on this kid from my Computer Science class, but for some reason could never remember his name. He was funny, and we would play computer games and do assignments together. Also this year I thought Michael from my English class was cute.
    Also, from like 3-7th grade, there was a kid who was in my church class every year. He was quiet, but liked to read and would pay attention in Sunday school, so I liked him. He is a grade lower than me and a few months younger though.

    UPDATE: So, currently I am in 8th grade, online because of corona, and there are often assignments where we do something then also have to respond to another persons, me and this boy keep responding to each other’s lol he’s kinda cute. Maybe it’ll be a crush?
    Random thoughts.

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89 days ago
Oh ok, I thought it was the other way around lol
89 days ago
Oh no haha she deleted the advice one haha not the community
89 days ago
Oh ok found it, anyways I thought Maddy said it was deleted? Maybe this is good bc then you can’t google it
89 days ago
Ash here https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1594776539/Community
89 days ago
*suspicious of them haha sorry I just can’t believe they don’t have a crush
89 days ago
That’s what my friends say too! I’m kinda suspicious 🤔 lol
90 days ago
I have had a lot of crushes, I sometimes nag my best friend if she has or has had a crush, she always says no.
90 days ago
Haha I love it ❤️ 😆.
Very neat lol