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All lives matter a poem

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My poem about how all lives matter

    All lives matter a poem by Maddy.

    All lives matter
    Can't you see?
    So what if we disagree?

    We are all the same no matter what race
    We might not have the same skin
    But we have the same soul

    We are on one team fighting the tide
    We shouldn't make teams
    We should all just abide

    If we leap together
    In the end,
    I'm sure that we can all be friends

    If anyone wants to use any of my poems you must ask permission due to copy write comment thanks

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63 days ago
Awesome I like it so much
65 days ago
Thanks by you misread I'm saying in my eyes we should be treated equal like if you were of color I wouldn't see color id see another soul and person not color
66 days ago
I’m proud of the people standing up for what is right! 👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏾👏🏼
66 days ago
We’re not the same we’re all different. Different is good and we should be treated equally not the same because we aren’t the same. I agree all lives matter, but we aren’t the same. Women and people of color aren’t treated as good as white men. More men of color are in prison than white men and quite a few aren’t even guilty. I feel like this year will be in history books not because of corona entirely but because it’s going to cause a revolution!
The poem was good
72 days ago
Great poem! Sorry I just saw this lol
73 days ago
Thanks for your comment sorry I don't check my comments often
75 days ago
There’s a quote from a song (from one of my favorite movies), Moment of Truth:

It's time, time to do
Something drastic, something new
Right here and right now
We need to find a way, somehow
It's about reaching out, closing up the distance
Instead of hate, celebrate all the ways we're different
I am optimistic, yes, I do believe
We have the power to make this world a better place
But if it's ever gonna change
We gotta come together, me and you
In a mo-oh, woah oh, moment of truth
If it's ever gonna change
We gotta come together, me and you
In a mo-oh, woah oh, moment of truth

The movie is about yetis and humans learning to live together, but the lyrics are also perfect for today’s situation. We need to ALL come together and celebrate our differences, not hate each other. The only difference is the color of our skin. Otherwise, we’re all humans and have the same hopes and dreams. ❤️
84 days ago
Thanks your name: and Lauryn joy sorry I just now saw y'all's sweet comments ❤️
85 days ago
Wow that’s really good. It sums up pretty much all of the things everyone should know when it comes to what people look like on the outside.
85 days ago
This is a great poem ❤❤❤ 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
85 days ago
Thank you guys it means a lot to me ❤️
85 days ago
Excellent poem.
85 days ago
Beautiful poem Maddy! I love it ❤️
85 days ago
Nice poem!!
85 days ago
I copied and pasted it also gm
85 days ago
Thanks for your feedback ash and animal lover ❤️
85 days ago
5/5 poem would recommend
85 days ago
In the end we are all equal not just one race matter they all do . This is.really nice poem maddy