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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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But can someone please estimate??? 🥺
Haha! Good luck to you!
I'm 11 and were pretty much the same stage 😆 🤣 😂 NOOOo
Hi! Can somebody estimate me?
I’m 13, my mom was 12
I have had pubic hair for as long as I can remember...
I have also had dark arm and leg hair forever
Got armpit hair about a year and a half ago, now it’s turning dark brown
Had a big growth spurt about a month ago
I’m 5’2 and 85 pounds
I have had discharge for 8 months
I have stage three b⭕️⭕️Bs, have had them a bit more than a year and a half
I really really want a boyfriend
I definitely get way more tired now and have mood swings
I crave food all the time
I have been getting some lower back pain recently
All the quizzes say any week now or about 2 months
I have THE WORST body Oder
I have super greasy hair
I don’t really get acne a lot but I just got a huge pimple on my nose yesterday
Lmk if you need more info!
3 days ago
@annabeth idk how often you check this but if say with a few months now me I’m in the same state you are except a few other things. I’m not really good at estimating but I’d say a couple months or less possibly more idk
7 days ago
Also, my breasts are sore a lot
7 days ago
Rate me Please:
Age 11 almost 12
Discharge: Yellowish Brown
Hair: TONS of pubic, a little arm and leg, a little underarm
Cramps: A lot in lower abdomen, everyday
Cravings: Chips and Candy
Weight: about 92 lbs
Height 4' 9''
Mum's Period: IDK
Bra: Stage 4
Acne: A TON
Puberty: 2-3 years
Headaches: A couple a week
9 days ago
Naomi- I’m no period expert but I think you are kinda close! I think maybe 2-8 months!!!
10 days ago
Please Estimate me
Discharge: A little bit its like clear
Hair: Pubic Leg Arm No underarm
Cramping Recently
Cravings: Chocolate
Height: Good 4ft
IDK when my mom got her period
Stage: 2 Training bra
Diarea few days a week
Puberty:2 years

Please reply soon Thanks
15 days ago
Lilly, if you want a estimate, you have to give a lot more info
16 days ago
omg I have soooooo much discharge everyday and last month I had 3 cramps I love 💘 KFC and Jimmy John 😫
20 days ago
Hi I have ALL of the signs for period how long till I get my first period
26 days ago
It will definitely come any day now.
26 days ago
Jasmine, I’d say 0-4 months. You are showing most of the signs, if you notice something increasing really rapidly really fast like maybe acne or cramps , then it will come in a few days. Always come prepared!
26 days ago
Anonymous, you will probably get it within the next two-three months. So any week now. Make sure you are prepared. Especially since you have cramps all the time. Don’t worry, not everyone has spotting.
28 days ago
Can someone estimate me please
Discharge- A LOT of creamy white or yellow everyday about 7 months ish
Armpit hair- Not much still blonde
Leg hair- Darka ndnlight but grows fast
Pubic- Decent amount starting to curl
Weight- 95lbs
Height- 5'2"
Age- 14
Mom's- 11 ish
🐤- stage 3/4 size a bra
PMS- cramps everyday but not bad constipated and diarrhea headaches sometimes nauseous sore 🐤 mood swings decent amount if acne but i wash my face and have medication for it back hurts cravings i've also been really tired lately
I've got a crush
No spotting
Probably starts puberty about 1-1.5 years ago
I'll give more if needed
29 days ago
Discharge: a lot for about 8 months (maybe a bit more) a lot of white stringy discharge
Pubic hair: very dark black hairs a little bit curly
Pit hairs: dark dark brown pretty curly
Weight 95
Height: 4.11 feet
Acne: maybe like 1? But I use face wash
Age: 11 (3 months till 12)
Momma got hers: 12
Crush: I have a huge crush
Bust: Stage 3 (think I’m a a-b cup but rn I wear a trainer bra)
Cramps: have a fair amount for about 8 months
Moody: I have crazy mood swings
Spotting: none but the other day there was the smallest amount of blood like smaller then a dot of pencil
Pms signs: diarrhea, constipation, headache, cramps, back pain, a few cravings, I think a few more but I can’t remember
Ask if you need any more info!
29 days ago
Hmmm kaylee I’d say 0-3 months!
29 days ago
Can someone answer me?
35 days ago
Can I get an estimate?
4 11” and 90lbs
Been in puberty for 2 1/2 years
I’m 11 yo and my mom got hers same age
I have really greasy hair
My face has a bunch of acne
I have had so many mood swings
A little bit of armpit hair and very sweaty
Breasts- stage 3.5 had for 2 years
Hips - pretty wide
Lots of cramps and lower back cramps too
Discharge- whiteish eggy stuff a get SO MUCH of it and had it for 3 years
Spotting- 3 times
Pubic hair- almost full, starting to curl
Growing pains- a bunch
Leg hair- almost full