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Chasing The Sun Chapter Two

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    Jake woke up next to the dark brown tom known as Piestar. Flagpost ran over. ” He’s awake! ” Flameclaw said. Jake snarled at Flameclaw. ” Okay, everybody does hate me.”Flameclaw said.
    “We have a right to. ” Flagpost said. A tiny ginger to bounded over. ” Hi, I’m Gingerkit! ” The tiny tom said. Flagpost looked up as a growl was heard from the edge of the clearing. ” Fox! ” Flameclaw yelled in terror. The whole Clan ran away.
    Jake stayed and faced the fox. Flameclaw leaped at it and sank his teeth into its neck.It let out a bark of pain and ran. Flameclaw smiled. Nightheart, Flameclaw’s sister ran after it.Soon a cry of pain was heard from outside of camp.The scent of death was released.
    Flameclaw ran out and came back with Nightheart’s dead body. Gingerkit whimpered as Nightheart opened her eyes.” My brother...can...not...be...trusted… ” She coughed. Flameclaw dropped her body and ran away.
    Turtlepaw and Ravenpaw looked around.
    Turtlepaw sat down next to her sister. Jake left to go hunting. He crouched down and stalked a mouse.It’s tail twitched. He flattened his ears and pounced giving the killing blow. ” Thank you StarClan for this prey. ” He murmured.
    He brought the mouse back to camp.He found Flameclaw talking to Turtlepaw and Ravenpaw. ” I want you to follow me Ravenpaw. ” Flameclaw snarled.
    Jake looked up as Piestar called a Clan meeting. ” All Cats of AllthetestsClan gather! ” Piestar yelled. The Clan gathered as Flameclaw took his place under the rock. ” Gingerkit, until you receive your full Medicine Cat name, you will be known as Gingerpaw, your mentor will be Flagpost. ” Piestar yelled. ” Gingerpaw! Gingerpaw! ” The Clan chanted.
    Flameclaw left the camp with Ravenpaw. We are cats, not Twolegs anymore. Jake smiled and stretched out. This would be fun.

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2 hours ago
Flagpost can you look at my quiz number 1600694263 at my home page?
2 days ago
Foxhowl writes chapter eight
3 days ago
I posted Chapter seven and I feel sorry for you. None of those situations have ever happened to me, because my parents are crazy and I don't even have a phone. And my parents will make me go to school even if I have the flu.
3 days ago
And he told me "NO SCHOOL!" on school spirit day!Also,Foxhowl I want u to make eight
3 days ago
He threw my phone out the window
4 days ago
K I fifnished the Chasing the sun chapter JayfeatherBB is so mad lol
4 days ago

Did he tell you that you can't go out with a boy? Did he ground you? Did he belive your brother who framed you for using his credit card?


Sorry 6th grader drama.
4 days ago
Flag flag be mad mad at dad dad
4 days ago
So I am going to start writing it now.
4 days ago
Haha good ole Flameclaw. (and maybe I'm not sure yet)
4 days ago
Do you like the song,I caught him spending hours on it
4 days ago
He meant to put in seven I sent him it wrong
5 days ago
And also who writes chapter seven? This says I am writing chapter eight....
5 days ago
Oop I just read the fifth chap and OH MY STARCLAN WHAT HAPPENED.
5 days ago
I know, it deleted half of my comments when I had 100 XD
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It broke,litterly,some comments never come in
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What has happen when I was gone from allthetests?!
6 days ago
That's sounds like you'll have fun doing that
11 days ago
The Trial Of Quick is going to be connected to Chasing The Sun,or at least I am making it