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Chasing The Sun (Chapter 3)

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Anisepaw sighed as Flamepelt walked over to her.
Last night, she had gotten no sleep. She was too tired to sleep.
Flamepelt curled back his lips in a snarl. "Why aren't you training with Ravenpaw!" He used his tail to hit her like a snake.
Anisepaw whimpered and ran off to find Ravenpaw and Turtlepaw. This happened every time. She didn't even know that she was supposed to train with them today.
She shook her orange-brown head. Flamepelt's ways of training were completely absurd, but she was too shy to tell anyone.
Yesterday, he had gotten mad at her for tripping on a rock during battle practice. He had shoved her in some brambles and left her there, watching Anisepaw struggle to get out.
She never wanted that to happen again.
So she trained. She practiced dodging rocks while training, the moves he hated when she messed up, everything.
She trained until one of her claws got wrenched on the ground. The other day, she had trained until she fell asleep on her paws.
Anisepaw ran harder and further until she couldn't run any farther.
But now, she lagged because of how tired she was.
She reached the clearing and collapsed in a heap of brown fur and panting.
"Are you okay?"
Turtlepaw was leaning over her, a concerned wrinkle on her forehead.
Anisepaw's breath was shallow as she scrambled to her paws, blinking her beady black eyes. "Yes,"
Ravenpaw pushed in front of Turtlepaw and snickered. "What happened?" She teased. "Did a badger claw your eyes out?"
Turtlepaw and her twined their tails.
Anisepaw's voice was wobbly. She knew Ravenpaw was only teasing her, but it hurt for them to comment about her unusual black eyes. "Please don't."
Turtlepaw stepped closer to Anisepaw, licking her chin once. "It's okay," she murmured. "You know Ravenpaw."
Anisepaw nodded. "So, what are we doing today?" She tried to act like she had brushed everything off.
Turtlepaw motioned towards her and Ravenpaw's mentors, Sparrowfoot and Flameclaw.
"We are practicing real one-on-one battle," Ravenpaw explained. "Then me and Turtlepaw are going to take our warriors assessment."
Happiness flowed through her. Why was Ravenpaw saying it like it didn't matter?
Anisepaw shook it off and crouched down. "Who do I battle first?"
A broad voice made her turn around. She gasped. "Do I have to fight him?"
Ravenpaw sputtered. "No one can defeat Flamepelt!"
A smile passed over Flamepelt's face. "No one." He chuckled. "If any of you beat me, I'd have to make you a warrior." He made a face and added; "Piestar said so."
Anisepaw's face fell. She was too young to become a warrior, anyways, The last time she had tried this, Flamepelt had drawn blood and pushed her to the ground.
"Okay," she replied, her voice wavering.
Ravenpaw gaped.
Flamepelt shouldered her onto the ground and growling, Anisepaw jumped back up and scratched him across the eye.
Flamepelt muttered something under his breath and recovered quickly.
Anisepaw's breath was knocked out of her as Flamepelt struck a blow to her cheek. She inhaled sharply and did the same to him, swiping her paws more gracefully and faster around him.
Confused, Flamepelt spun around trying to shake her off.
Anisepaw's frown curled into a smile as she tripped him with her tail and pressed her paw to his chest.
She swung around and landed on him. Flamepelt coughed. Anisepaw had pinned him.
He breathed in deeply through his nose.
Anisepaw scratched his exposed belly. He groaned and curdled to his side.
Turtlepaw's eyes were wide with admiration. "You-you- he is..." she shook her head.
Ravenpaw sat at the edge of the clearing, baffled. "You knocked him to the ground!" She exclaimed. "He is down!"
Anisepaw puffed out her chest, then caught Flamepelt looking at her slyly.
She paused.
Turtlepaw smiled and walked back to camp with Anisepaw.
They ducked into the leaf-strewn camp.
"I have to take my assessment now," Turtlepaw and Ravenpaw mewed apologetically.
They ran back out into the forest and Anisepaw was so tired, she had to fall asleep.
□ • □
Turtlepaw and Ravenpaw woke her. "We're back, sleepyhead!" Ravenpaw tapped her head with her tail.
Anisepaw looked at the sun drowsily. "It's sundown already?"
Turtlepaw nodded. "It's time for us to become warriors."
Piestar cleared his throat. "Sparrowfoot, is Turtlepaw ready to become a warrior?"
Sparrowfoot glanced around. "She hunted perfectly. She missed a mouse, but other than that, her stance, stalking, and movement were on point." He ducked his head to lick his chest fur sheepishly. "She is amazing at battle, she beat me yesterday. Twice." He stepped side to side as if it was embarrassing. "She is ready."
Turtlepaw sighed with relief.
"Then Turtlepaw, you shall now be known as Turtleshell!" Piestar mewed determinedly.
"Turtleshell! Turtleshell!"
Piestar dipped his head at Flameclaw. "Is Ravenpaw ready?"
Eagle tilted his head to the side. "She might have been if-"
At that moment, Gingerpaw burst into camp.
"What is it, Gingerpaw?" Piestar sounded frustrated. "Flagpost, get your apprentice under control."
Gingerpaw cried out in protest. "There were rogues!" She wailed. "Listen to me!"
Flagpost stepped out of the throng of cats. "I had no idea about this!" He padded to his apprentice's side. "What happened?"
Gingerpaw shuddered. "One of them tried to attack me. There was a red tom standing at the front of the group."
"It was a group?" Piestar narrowed his eyes.
Gingerpaw gulped and nodded, going back to panting.
Piestar looked around. "Get ready to defend the camp, everyone!"
"I'll protect the nursery!" Flamepelt and Sparrowfoot yelled.
Anisepaw still looked skeptical. Why were these rogues such a big deal?
"Brackenridge! Dawntail!" Piestar yowled. "Guard the entrance from these rogues!"
"This is an attack!"

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