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To 15 year old me part two

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To me- Maddy you probably forgot about this place and who we used to be I have a feeling you will be sad and idk why but I think you will forget about me the innocence in us and who we used to be I'm sorry for writing you it's just your part of me not yet but in two years also is dad still alive just wondering if not go put on the iron man's heart necklace he gave you and hold the 24k gold flower because it's special to us ❤️

To everyone reading- no hate just read and comment thanks ❤️😊


    Hi us so I have more questions for you I don't care what order you read these in but first I'm gonna say if you don't go on allthetests anymore go to there now. Also right now I'm on break from online school. I hate it. But we still have social anxiety so it's better this way. Anyway I'm still 13 lol okay questions. Do I live with daddy and Amanda? Do I still pretend to believe in santa? because it's fun and because if we don't Amanda and daddy probably won't have fun well it's not that they won't it's just that okay forget this we are going full storytime. So when we were little at the old scary weird apartment me and daddy went to bed Amanda went away that Christmas to spend it elsewhere but me and dad couldn't sleep so I looked out the window and heard bells mind you I was in the same room as my dad so it wasn't him and then I remembered going to the bathroom and seeing all the presents normally daddy would put them out early and say he was helping Santa so it makes me question if Santa is real and just quit visiting? But even if he's not I'm gonna pretend because it's fun and it makes Christmas together as a family joyful and pure like an innocence idk. Any way In the last letter I said I was gonna write us a poem so here it is

    I call it Christmas night.

    I couldn't sleep
    Eyes wide awake
    But I heard bells
    Another scared breath I take

    Is santa here?
    Probably not
    Do I still pretend
    That he's real if he's not?

    Maybe that's why he doesn't come if he's real because I don't really believe in him.

    But when we grow up ill still do it for them
    Because it brings back the memories of that one magical Christmas.

    Okay ps I did believe in him when this happened so maybe if I actually did believe in him he would come but he's not real in my eyes so idk

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679 days ago
Okay so I wrote this earlier I'm currently done with school but my online journal saves the time lol so I don't need to put it here