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This is my goodbye to poem making~ It just wouldn’t be right 🙂


I’m done.
The last
It just feels
To keep making these.
I make mistakes-
We all do, I know.
But it seems
Mine is larger,
Like winter versus snow.
So I’m sorry
I don’t need to be forgiven
I just wanted you
To know
This is
The last poem
The last words
That I will put.
I’ve made up my mind-
And when push
Comes to shove
I knew I would stop
This was a sign from above
They aren’t that good
And don’t convince me otherwise
I’ve made up my mind
This is
The last

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26 days ago
Okay I will but hold up if you do publish them do it under this name or just put them on secret place. Also your not making me pity you I'm not pitying you I truly forgive you and I'm sure with time you will forgive yourself Damm Im so glad I'm changing your mind btw your better then rose lol okay I'm gonna go to secret place
26 days ago
I shouldn’t have made this poem. Dammit why am I like this I’m no better than Rose honestly making you pity me DONt. I messed up and sure you may forgive me but I can’t really forgive myself. And I can’t keep making poems here at least. Maybe I’ll tell them to you but I sure as heck won’t publish them. What if she comes back I mean? Like I can’t publish them under that name anymore. And it would just feel wrong. Idk. You’re actually changing my mind and it’s making me mad haha. But I’m not mad at you you’re my friend ❤️
And wait what someone else made my mistake? Go to secret
26 days ago
If we forgive you forgive yourself
26 days ago
Look "I don't need to be forgiven" don't you see me Jasmin and ash forgive you it's okay just do what you love there will be haters and you will get bad thoughts about your poems but they are great please don't stop doing what you love just from a silly mistake (to others reading this you don't understand and won't for a while) it's okay umm someone made the mistake you did (won't say the name bc I don't want to tell others for you) but let me just say you told me that when I wanted to stop but after you told me that I realized I would do it for y'all please please please (you don't need to continue poems I don't wanna pressure you also if your crying I'm sorry I just wanna help lol) but if I don't change your mind at least I tried too ❤️😊
26 days ago
I didn’t want to make a big deal about this but I thought I should let you know (and I doubt you care but) I’m out of the poem business, I won’t be making any more. And whatever I barely made any anyway and they weren’t even good so it doesn’t matter just letting ya know ❤️ 🕊