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The Elements rise: Fire's rising

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10 Chapter - 3.307 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 385 taken-The story is currently being written

Flagpost will be writing the next book Air's Rush

    Warriors The Elements rise Fire’s rising By: Foxhowl ThunderClan Leader: Flamestar- A brown ginger tom with amber eyes Mate: Squrrielstripe Deputy:
    Warriors The Elements rise
    Fire’s rising
    By: Foxhowl

    Leader: Flamestar- A brown ginger tom with amber eyes Mate: Squrrielstripe
    Deputy: Squrrielstripe- A brown she-cat with green eyes Mate: Flamestar
    Medicine Cat(s): Flagpost- A golden tom with amber eyes Former SkyClan Member Sister: Moonsong Apprentice: Wingpaw
    Bumbleheart- A black she-cat with yellow eyes Apprentice: Vixenpaw
    Mellowberry- A white tom with black markings Apprentice: Foxpaw
    Moonsong- A light grey She-Cat with black spots and amber eyes Former SkyClan Member Brother: Flagpost Apprentice: Meadowpaw
    Foxpaw- A pretty she-cat that looks like a fox with amber eyes Half-Blind due to a dog attack Former Loner
    Meadowpaw- A brown ginger tom with green eyes Sister and Brother: Wingpaw, and Vixenpaw
    Vixenpaw- A brown tom with ginger markings Sister and Brother: Wingpaw, and Meadowpaw
    Wingpaw- A ginger She-Cat with Brown markings Brothers: Vixenpaw, and Meadowpaw
    Smallkit- A small white tom kit who lost his parents at a young age Sister: Whitekit
    Whitekit- A small white she-cat kit who lost her parents at a young age Brother: Smallkit
    Wolf’s Howl- A grey tom former member of The Tribe of Rushing Water Mate: Lynx’s Paw
    Lynx’s Paw- A Golden she-cat with black spots former member of The Tribe of Rushing Water Mate: Wolf’s Howl

    River Clan
    Leader: Willowstar- A Golden she-cat with Blue-Gray Spots
    Deputy: Troutstream- A Black tom with Green eyes Apprentice: Beanpaw
    Medicine Cat(s): Mothshine- A Blue-Grey She-Cat with Golden spots Apprentice: Notepaw
    Hawkflight- A brown dappled she-cat with one blue and one green eye Apprentice: Silkpaw
    Beanpaw- A Gray She-Cat with Green Eyes Former Kittypet
    Silkpaw- A Black silky Tom with amber eyes Sister: Notepaw
    Notepaw- A Black She- Cat with Green Eyes
    Fawnhoof- Brown with blue eyes She-Cat Mother of Troutsteam’s Kits Goosekit- A Brown tom with green eyes and Figetkit- A Golden brown She-Cat with Blue eyes Blind in one eye
    Alderhiss- A brown and white she-cat with cold amber eyes

    Leader: Pebblestar
    Deputy: Stormjaw- A dappled brown tom with a crooked jaw and Warm Amber Eyes
    Medicine Cat(s):
    Solarmoon- A golden black tom with Warm Amber eyes
    Lunarsun- A Black golden She-Cat with Pretty Light Blue eyes
    Duckbeak- A Golden Tom with a ginger muzzle former River Clan
    Vixenjump- A reddish brown she-cat with warm amber eyes
    Catfishpaw- Brown tom with long whiskers Former Loner
    Daisyheart- A pretty queen with a crushed leg that keeps her from becoming a warrior again
    Lily swept by the river- A brown she-cat Former Tribe of Rushing Water Member Also known Lilyriver
    Starshine- A Golden She-Cat

    Leader: Heatherstar- A brown and white She-Cat Mate: Crowspring
    Deputy: Gorsehop- A brown and black Tom Mate: Bellabrook
    Medicine Cat(s):
    Harefeather- A Grey She-Cat with Amber eyes
    Crowspring- A Black Tom with yellow eyes Mate: Heatherstar Apprentice: Pumpkinpaw
    Pumpkinpaw- A ginger Tom with amber eyes
    Bellabrook- A Lovely Brown and white Queen Former Rouge Mate: Gorsehop
    The Snowdrop that grows in Leaf Bare- A snow white she-cat former member of The Tribe of Rushing Water Also Know as Snowdrop

    Leader: Darkstar- A Black and White tom might be evil
    Deputy: Tigerear- A Brown Ginger She-Cat with Amber eyes Mate: Brambleglaze
    Medicine Cat(s): Runningbreeze- A Tiny dappled she-cat whose fur always looks like it is blowing in the breeze
    Brambleglaze- A Brown tabby tom with claws that look like bramble thorns and green eyes Mate: Tigerear
    Brokenheart- A Lovely Brown Tabby She-Cat Who’s heart has been broken by mates she has had before, Name before this: Wishsong
    Snakepaw- A Brown ginger tabby Tom with green eyes
    Adderpaw- A ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes
    Dawndusk- A dappled brown she-cat Mother of Darkstar’s Kits: Blackkit- All White Tom with black paws, and Whitekit- All Black she-cat with white paws
    Juniterberry- A Light ginger tom with Blue eyes

    “Bluestar and Firestar what is the reason you brought you brought all the first leaders here?” A Orange Tom with amber eyes asked A Blue-Grey She-Cat and a Ginger Tom. “Thunderstar there is a new prophecy.” The Ginger tom mewed. “Prophecies, Prophecies.” Thunderstar mumbered. “I think what Thunderstar is trying to say, Firestar. Is that the first leaders aren’t needed in the prophecy are they?” A Black She-Cat with green eyes asked. “Shadowstar, Darkstar has betrayed your name. He is raising the dark forest.” The Blue-Grey she-cat told Shadowstar. “I have had enough with the Dark forest.” A Light gray tom with Blue eyes spat. “Skystar I think you should help” A dark sleek gray tom meowed coming out from a bush. “Gray Wing! What are you doing here?” Thunderstar asked the dark gray tom surprised.

    “I saw you leave for the private meeting clearing.” Gray Wing said sarcastically. “So I thought I would follow.” “Gray Wing I know you named the clans with your kits. BUT WHY DID YOU THINK YOU COULD GET INVOLVED OF THIS!” Skystar yowled. “Bluestar what is our role in this prophecy?” Asked a silver long furred tom after Skystar chilled out. “Great question Riverstar. Your role is to guide the kits to control their power. Before it is time for the Great Battle.” Bluestar glared at Skystar. “Thunderstar you will guide the kit with fire. Skystar you will guide the kit with air. Riverstar you will guide the water kit and Windstar you will guide the earth kit. Shadowstar you will guide all of them when they put their power together.” Firestar said. “Why does Shadowstar get the biggest part?” Skystar asked Firestar. “Because someone in her clan made a mistake and Shadow will be in charge of all the kits.” Firestar mewed at Skystar

    “But who is going to get the prophecy?” A Wiry brown She-Cat with yellow eyes. “Windstar it’s Flagpost and Foxpaw.” Firestar puts his paw on his forehead. “Flagpost the cat who brother Flamepaw later names himself Flameclaw nearly drown Flagpost when they were apprentices and then Starshine and the clan disowned him and now he is dead and in the dark forest!” Windstar asked, surprised. “Umm Yes?” Firestar said, also surprised. “It’s ok I guess.” Windstar mewed quietly which was completely out of her character. “What is the Fire Kit going to look like?” Thunderstar asked. “Just like you Thunderstar.” Bluestar mewed. “What are the other kits going to look like?” Shadowstar asked. “The Water Kit will look like Riverstar with dark blue eyes. The Air Kit will look like Skystar. Last but not least The Earth Kit will look like Windstar.” Firestar said. “Now let’s get back to what we were doing before this.” Shadowstar sighs.

    Chapter 1 The Dream
    Foxpaw was hunting the biggest juiciest hare she ever saw. “Wait what was that?” Foxpaw said as she saw a bush shake from the corner of her view of vision. “It was probably nothing or another big hare.” Foxpaw told herself. Foxpaw walked over to the bush in a stalk. Foxpaw saw a long ginger tail. A ginger cat tail? Was this Firestar the great leader of ThunderClan once? A ginger form leaped out of the bush onto Foxpaw. The cat has bushes for eyes wait no the Tom had green eyes with stars in his fur. “Firestar?” Foxpaw asked the ginger tom. Firestar offends Foxpaw a paw. Foxpaw takes it and Firestar picks Foxpaw up. “Why are you here in my dream?” Foxpaw asked Firestar. “Follow me.” Firestar mewed. They walk into a lovely lush rich with plants clearing.

    Was that Flagpost with a Blue-Gray She-Cat. Now Foxpaw was really confused. “Hello Bluestar and Flagpost.” Firestar mewed to Flagpost and the Blue-Gray she-cat. “Hello Firestar and Foxpaw.” Bluestar mewed. “Why did you bring us here?” Foxpaw asked. “A Prophecy Foxpaw.” Bluestar rolled her eyes. “What is the prophecy?” Flagpost asked. “Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Found in the darkest hour. When they reach the age of apprentices. Will save the Clans from a great evil rising again. In the end Five clans will become four. Only the four kits can save us all.” Firestar and Bluestar spoke in unison. “Four kits? Fire, Air, Water, and Earth this makes no sense to me.” Foxpaw mewed. “You will understand soon enough Foxpaw.” Firestar mewed as he and Bluestar faded.

    Foxpaw woke up. Her friend Meadowpaw slept soundly next to Foxpaw. The morning light started to filter through the entrance to the apprentice den. Foxpaw yawned, waking up Meadowpaw who kicked his foot that made Vixenpaw wake up. “Holy Voles. Why did you wake me at this time?” Vixenpaw asked Meadowpaw. “Hey ask Foxpaw not me Vixenpaw.” Meadowpaw yawned. “Foxpaw, why in the name of StarClan did you wake us up before it’s dawn” Vixenpaw yawns. “It’s past dawn Fox-Brain. Use that Brain of yours. Wait I just remembered you have no brain.” Foxpaw slapped Vixenpaw’s forehead. Flamestar came into the den. “Foxpaw come with me.” Flamstar mewed. “Ooooo you in trouble!” Meadowpaw whispered teasing.

    Foxpaw and Flamestar walked into the Medicine Cat den. Flagpost sat there with his eyes close and Wingpaw probably was out getting herbs. “Flagpost you said that you were with him when he got a prophecy is that right?” Flamestar asked. “Yes Flamestar.” Foxpaw answered Flamestar’s question. “Then you will guide the quest to find these kits. Take with you Mellowberry, Moonsong, and Vixenpaw.” Flamestar said. “But won’t we need Flagpost to come along? Foxpaw asked uneasy. “Yes you will. Flagpost do you think that Wingpaw can stay here and take care of your duties for a while?” Flamestar mewed. “Yes Wingpaw can. She has remembered most of the herbs and their uses.” Flagpost said startled. “Then Bumbleheart and Meadowpaw can help her. Bumbleheart was a Medicine cat once you know?” Flamestar said.

    Chapter 2 The Quest

    Flagpost looked at Moonsong then Foxpaw and then Vixenpaw. Foxpaw started to eat her bundle of herbs first. “Hey they taste just like mice!” Foxpaw exclaimed. Vixenpaw took a bite of his. “No they don’t! You were lying!” Vixenpaw yowled. “I had to get you to eat them so how.” Foxpaw smiled. “Foxpaw, Vixenpaw stop fighting please.” Flagpost’s sister Moonsong mewed. Mellowberry ate his herbs quickly. A few minutes later they were going.

    Flagpost, and the others headed to the Barn. Flagpost looked all around the barn then he noticed a small silver tail. Was this one of the kits? “Hey may this is one of the kits” Flagpost mewed. Flagpost pulled the silver tail. It wasn’t a kit nor a cat. It was like one of those fur leads that twolegs use to guide their dogs. “There are no kits here. There is no smell of kits.” Foxpaw sighed.

    They went to cross the Thunderpath to rest for the night. “There is a tunnel!” Mellowberry mewed. “Maybe we can rest in there tonight. It’s getting dark. We must have spent most of the day traveling to the barn, checking the barn, and coming here.” Moonsong said. Flagpost thought he saw his father’s body. He went close to look at the body and it was his father Bear, and a pretty she-cat? There was black kit dead and four kits all alive sleeping but alive. The she-cat’s body along with the kit’s was still a bit warm. They probably died when the sun was most of the way down. “Guys I think we found the kits.” Flagpost mewed.

    Chapter 3 The elements rise

    “Hello who is there?” Fire mewed uneasy after she noticed her parents and Shadow’s bodies gone when she woke up. “Hello little kit.” Said a fox with warm amber eyes as they stepped closer to Fire and her only kin. “AHHHHHHH!” Fire scream. The rest of Fire’s litter woke up. “W-h-o’s there?” Fire’s sister Steam mewed. “I’m Foxpaw. This is Flagpost your Half-brother and Moonsong your Half-Sister.” The Foxlike cat said pointing to a golden tom then a grey she-cat. ‘’I’m back with some fresh-kill.” A White tom with blacking markings mewed. The white tom with black marking put the juiciest piece of fresh-kill in front of Fire, Steam, Breeze, and Cliff. Fire’s only brother now Cliff chomps down on the rabbit. Soon Steam and Breeze joined in. Fire stared at the prey then finally gave in to her hunger. “What are your names?” Flagpost asked.

    “I’m Fire. That’s Breeze, Then that’s Steam, and then Cliff.” Fire mewed pointing at Breeze, Steam and Cliff. “We are named after the four elements. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.” Cliff said. “Cliff, you know better to tell strangers that.” Fire whispered to Cliff. “Two of them are our kin. We thought that the rest of our kin died, Fire.” Cliff whispered back to Fire. “Who was your mother and who was the black kit?” Foxpaw asked. “The Black kit was Shadow and then our mother’s name was Mizuki that means Beautiful Moon.” Breeze mewed bravely. “Bear, Mizuki, and Shadow were killed by black and white tom. He said his name was Dark Shadow and he wanted to kill us all.” Steam mewed uneasy. “Who’s that brown tom with ginger markings?” Cliff asked. “That’s Vixenpaw and it’s time to wake him up.” Foxpaw said with a sly smile. “Come on Vixenpaw wake up it’s time to go.” Foxpaw kicked Vixenpaw who was still sleeping. “What time is it?” Vixenpaw mewed half asleep. “Time to get your brain in your head after all these moons.” Foxpaw said. “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT FOXPAW!” Vixenpaw jumped to his paws.

    Chapter 4 The past’s shadow

    Breeze was padding around the den she was in with her sisters and brother. There were two other kits whose names were Smallkit and Whitekit. Breeze fell asleep. She woke up in a cave with glowing blue water. Breeze’s brother and sisters were with her. A cat with stars in their fur appeared. “Hello Fire, Breeze, Steam, and Cliff. I’m Turtle Tail.” The she-cat mewed. Her tail flicked over the water. Breeze padded over to the water’s edge there was Flagpost battling a ginger tom. The ginger tom leaped at Flagpost. A golden she-cat leaps in the middle of the fighting toms. “Stop” The golden she mews. “We can do this Starshine. It's called a duel.” The ginger tom mews staring with cold eyes at Flagpost. “This has to end” The Starshine says pleading. Flagpost leaps at the tom.

    “Flameclaw, why don’t you go back to being an apprentice. You still are one Flameclaw.” Flagpost mewed. Flagpost leaps at Flameclaw. But Flameclaw knocks him on a rock. A tiny Foxpaw leaps at Flameclaw. “This is for bring the dogs near my kin!” Foxpaw yowls mad. “Foxkit stop!” Starshine yowls as Foxpaw bites Flameclaw’s neck hard. Flameclaw falls to the ground dead. “Flagpost!” Foxkit runs to Flagpost who laid limply against the rock. A black she-cat runs over to Flagpost. “He has a broken leg and he’s half-blind now. “Can he still be a warrior?” Starshine asked. “No he can’t. Starshine you should go back to SkyClan now. Foxkit camp now!” The she-cat said. “But Bumbleheart.” Foxkit mews. “I SAID NOW FOXKIT!” Bumbleheart yells. Foxkit runs to the thorn bushes. The vision fades. Breeze woke up. She looked at her brother and sisters. Breeze allowed herself to fall back asleep.

    The past's Shadow part two

    Cliff stared at the glowing water. There was Flameclaw leading a pack of dogs to Foxes? Wait Foxpaw was there. Flameclaw steered away from the cats. The dogs continued on their path towards the cats. The oldest cat at the front spot the dogs and said "Fox's Howl get you and Fox's Moon as far away from here as possible NOW!" "But Father I can't leave you and the rest of what of the Tribe came here to live with the clans to die!" A small Foxpaw mewed. "GO!" Foxpaw's father yowled. "Fox's Moon climb that tree I'll be right behind you." Fox's Howl mewed nudged a small kit with yellow eyes up the tree. "But Fox's Howl I can't leave you." Fox's Moon said. "And I said I'm right behind you." Fox's Howl mews. "Fine" Fox's Moon said as he climbed the tree. Fox's Howl leaps at a dog clawing it eyes then biting it's neck. Fox's Moon jumps down the tree only to be in the jaws of a dog. The dog closes it's jaws on Fox' Moon. Soon the rest of the fox looking cats die after killing all the dogs. "Father don't go." Fox' Howl cries over her father. "Don't worry my little fox I'll always be with you." Fox's Howl Father mews before the last of his breath disappears. Cliff woke up to see Breeze up then he falls asleep.

    The past's shadow part 3

    Steam stared at the water. Breeze and Cliff disappeared after staring at the water for a while. Steam saw what happen to Flagpost and Foxpaw. Wait who was that in the water? Steam stepped closer to the water. It was her and her siblings talking to Foxpaw and Flagpost? Her and her siblings had stars in their fur. "We gave Flagstar and Foxhowl another chance at life after what we found out at the Moon pool thousands of moons ago." Cliff was saying. The water rippled. Turtle Tail hissed "You can't see the future here Steam." Turtle Tail's tail smacked the water. Steam woke up and forgot what happen in her dream after Cliff and Breeze lefted.

    Who is writing what book
    Flagpost: 2 and 3
    Foxhowl: 1 and 4

    Did you know you can put your oc in the comments to be in the next book? If not put it in there now!
    Did you know you can put your oc in the comments to be in the next book? If not put it in there now!

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I thought I put that in the list of characters
Fire's pelt is Orange and she has amber eyes
Steam's is silver with dark blue eyes
Breeze's is light gray with light blue eyes
And Cliff is a tan tom with yellow eyes
Cliff has earth, Breeze air, Fire has fire, and Steam has water.