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I'm leaving

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    Dear everyone, I can't keep coming on here let's face reality the chats are dying everyone is leaving and other stuff but that's not why I'm going. So I don't owe a explanation to anyone but I'll still explain. I wasn't truthful with everyone here I'm having family problems that I won't get into but I need more time with them and school because I'm currently having a 40 in preAP Ela which is my best and favorite subject. Anyway thanks for many great evenings and mornings and opportunities to share my works with you. I'll still make poems just not here not anywhere maybe once a year but that's it. So I care about you all and I have personal messages for you all.

    Xenas quiz, anshikas quiz:
    Y'all are so kind I'm sorry to leave even tho some of y'all didn't know me thanks.

    Ash: hehe so on the leaked quiz I gave you a explanation saying we left that one but you probably didn't see it because it was deleted the day I responded to you.

    Addynick, sexy ravenclaw, thequizzyaddict:
    Quizzy- sorry about how this all ended and how we didn't get along I hope life treats you well
    Addynick and sexy ravenclaw- I hope everything is okay with y'all hopefully y'all come back

    Cyrce- I'm not leaving cause you are well I am but also so I can actually have a life but if you ever wanna say hi I'll be checking our chat everyday bc I might say hi hopefully things get better with me and my mom but idk actually I think the fact she got to meet her real daughters Is making her favour them more idk

    Sorry to anyone I forgot lol I'm tired

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671 days ago
I will miss you maddy. I also have been on much much less and feel like it will get worse as time comes on. The chats just seem different. Before they were vibrant now they are dying and sad. I will miss you maddy and cyrce! Goodbye! I hope you guys both have a happy life. I really feel like we all should still keep in touch and maybe talk every little bit and maybe by this summer we will be more free and can clear everything back up and have our short chats again complaining about family, talking about what we’re doing, periods, and more. I will miss you guys
672 days ago
Maddy I'll miss you and your work so much! It brightens up my day. I wish you the best for the future and hope that your family problems go okay and your studies do too. Good luck Maddy. Please come to say hi every now and again! I will miss you even if it doesn't seem so. Bye Maddy!!!!
672 days ago
I was gonna give it to you on beanlets but it got deleted and of course I'll be back just not rn
672 days ago
Goodbye maddy, I haven’t heard much lately from circye and you, I guess you made a separate chat for the two of you and then deleted community and beanlets, but maybe you’ll come back sometime? Slowly I’ve come on less and less. Eventually I will only come on every month or so