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Bra Size! Learn how to find it!

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In this I will show you how to figure out your bra size!

    To get your size, you first need to measure. Get a soft measuring tape, like one you use to measure for clothes, or you can use ribbon and measure the ribbon after with a yardstick. First, you need to take off any shirts or bras you’re wearing, then measure all the way around underneath your bust, where the band would be. This is your band measurement. Next, measure all the way around the fullest part of your breasts, usually over your nipple. Be sure when you measure you aren’t squeezing to hard, or not enough, just have it just tight enough to fit one finger in between the tape and your body.
    Note: it is often better to have a close friend or mom measure you, if you measure yourself the way your arms are positioned can move your body in a way where it will skew the measurements, but if you have to then it’s okay.
    Next, time for some math.
    Take your band size, example: my band size is 25.5 inches, and take your busy size, mine is 30 inches.
    Then, subtract the numbers. Mine would be 30-25.5= 4.5 inches. Note that it’s more simple if you round up or down so there is no half inches, you may have to experiment when you get your bras. For each inch difference, it’s one cup size, plus your band size, and that’s your bra size! My bra size would be 30D!
    <1 inch difference: AA or AAA
    1: A
    2: 2
    3: 3

    Please note: bra size is relative. Cup size does not determine size. Here is a good way to visualize: a 30c bra is smaller volume wise than 34b.
    It’s mostly about shape and your body type.
    Thanks! I hope this helps anyone looking for their bra size.

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9 days ago
Animal lover you would be about 24A, but they don’t generally make that so I would try getting 28AAA

Also I realized I think I messed up on my bra size in there just a little bit, so don’t look at my example lol I accidentally used the wrong measurements or they were somewhat off and I accidentally switched the two at the need and just so yeah
9 days ago
So I measured my bust size and my band is 24.4 and my bust is 25.5 what size is that?
9 days ago
Never mind I just use a ribbon and yard stick
9 days ago
Hello ash what can I use to measure my breasts if I don't have a soft tape is it accurate if I use a string and measuring tape?.
16 days ago
This was very helpful, thank you.
16 days ago
Thanks Ash, I'd be a 28C but I need a 30A
19 days ago
Ah i completely forgot something important! Sister sizing. Like I said about sizing, it’s all relative to the cup and band sizes.
If there isn’t your size at the store or you want to try other options, try sister sizing!
To do this, you go up a cup size and down a band size, or dice versa. Like I said, my size is 30D, so my sister sizes are 32C and 28DD.