If you had to act like a girl but stay a boy

You have took quizzes were you became a girl but what if you stayed a boy but had to act like one let's see what happens

  • 1
    You wake up in a girls bedroom you have no sisters how do you react
  • 2
    You head down stairs and decide to tell your parents how do you go about doing this
  • 3
    Your parents are confused as to them this what your rooms always been like you go to get ready for school to find you got a girls school uniform(a top, skirt and cardigan) what do you do

  • 4
    You leave for the school bus when your mum stops you and hands you a pink bow for your hair what do you do
  • 5
    You're at primary school the kids at shool aren't affected by what happened and your friends start making fun of you a group of girls ask if you want to play horses with them what do say
  • 6
    After a thew lessons it's lunch so who do you sit with

  • 7
    You get invited to a sleep over by the girls from earlyer what do you say
  • 8
    They didn't take no for a answer and you end up going what do you were
  • 9
    You get their and they are painting each other's nails what do you do
  • 10
    You go to sleep in the blank you brought for the sleep over

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