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Chasing The Sun Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

JayfeatherBB hissed. "I can't believe she chose that- that liar!" He spat.
   Flagstar rested his tail on the tom's back awkwardly. "I'm sure she'll be fine,"
   JayfeatherBB twitched his tail. "Yeah, her mate is Flameclaw, a sorry excuse for a piece of Fox-dung!" His quiet mew turned into a loud roar as rage bubbled up inside him.
   Flagstar dipped his head. "You are my medicine cat," he meowed. "And I agree with you, but..."
   He swallowed hard. "Anisetoe will be fine." He mewed, as if shaking off the trailed-off meow.
    JayfeatherBB curled his lips into a snarl.
  Flagstar sat down and wrapped his tail over his paws. "Have you ever heard of Star Flower?" He mewed softly.
    JayfeatherBB nodded bad-temperedly. "Yes, she chose Skystar after she betrayed Thunderstar and the Clans, but she turned out not to be evil." He snorted. "What, you expect me to believe that Flameclaw will turn out fine?"
   Flagstar turned away, and JayfeatherBB smirked as he saw that Flagstar didn't believe it himself.
   But the golden tom turned around so that he was facing JayfeatherBB again. "It's amazing what a little love can do," he murmured, quoting a famous line by Holly.
    JayfeatherBB huffed and padded into the medicine cat den.
  He started to sort herbs, but heard a hiss and scented a familiar scent.
   The gray tom barely had time to turn around before he was knocked unconscious.
    *   *   *

  JayfeatherBB blinked his eyes open and realized that a cat was hovering over him.
   Daisyleg, one of the cats that had followed Flameclaw.
  JayfeatherBB growled at her. "You may have given birth to my kits," he threatened. "But that doesn't mean you haven't betrayed AllthetestsClan."
      The cream-colored she-cat muttered something under her breath, then blinked her amber eyes at him. "I dragged you here because you can't see where FlameClan camp is," she shifted her paws. "And there's something I think you might want to see."
    JayfeatherBB scrambled to his paws. He was standing just outside of FlameClan's new camp!
   He peeked through the brambles and saw Flameclaw sunning himself next to Anisetoe. The two mates were sharing tongues.
    JayfeatherBB's fur bristled but Daisyleg flattened it with her tail.
  JayfeatherBB hissed at her then turned back to the wall.
      He glanced at Anisetoe again and realized that her sides were slightly rounded with the weight of kits.
   JayfeatherBB whipped around to face Daisyleg. "How could you let this happen?" He whispered.
     The she-cat shrugged. "I am Anisetoe's mother, and I approve."
  JayfeatherBB rested his chin atop his former mate's head. "If you think that way, we aren't mates anymore."
   Daisyleg nodded in agreement, but something flared in her eyes. "I love you, JayfeatherBB."
    JayfeatherBB nodded solemnly, unable to tear his gaze away from this she-cat, and threw his head back to yowl:
    Daisyleg bared her teeth at him. "Be quiet!" She hissed and slammed a paw over his head.
   The next thing he saw for quite a while was darkness.

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12 hours ago
you mean like Bramblestar and Firestar? Cuz nobody can trust Pinestar, can they? lel
Coolio I guess. But it is true, you can never trust a tom unless he is Clan leader of ThunderClan XD
Lets all hope Henry doesn't get back on here and see that because Clearsight is my main OC and if I could be any of them I would be her and she is Henry's mate *blushes*
I have a new side edition to make called Clearsight's Grief.Here is the preview
Clearsight saw Henry with Snowcanary together and sagged slightly crying.Anisepaw walked over to her."What's wrong?"she asked."Never trust a tom."said Clearsight.
Also, I think you should be Dawnbridge and your puppy should be Turtlefin. Supes cute!
Hey guys! I am almost done with my Warrior Cats: The Game, so JayfeatherBB will give you the link in about three weeks! :) Thanks!
So, me and my puppy, Goose, are trying so hard to figure out costumes for Halloween. We are both going to be Warriors from my series, and I am his mother so I am going to be Dawnbridge and he will be Turtlefin or I will be Sheentail and he will be Stark... what's-his-name, or I am Shimmerlight and he is Emberkit or Shinepelt......... But he is a boy so XD which one should I choose?
3 days ago
Good.Also,time for your chapter!I think.Le'me cheak!
3 days ago
I already asked, she doesn't really care but she's excited for Moon Rising, so that one would be good for her I think
3 days ago
My dad wouldn't care if I walked there but I wouldn't make it in time.Ask her what she would rather do
4 days ago
She can take one of mine if she really wants to anyways
4 days ago
I'll ask, she's flexible. You know, if any of you could you know, drive to Washington state and come to my party, that would be great... XD I wish
4 days ago
Since I already have chasing the sun planned out can you ask her if she can do chapter five of moon rising?
4 days ago
Also, Luv wants to write a chapter for chasing the sun, (one, please) she isn't too good at writing so she will need a lot of guidance XD
4 days ago
I have been *trying* to check everybody's stuff every day but school is really hard and my device was taken away :l so I couldn't really
4 days ago
Thank you.I've been checking your stuff every day
4 days ago
Meh want to do Foxkit's Honor XD Fine I'll do eleven
6 days ago
Also,Foxhowl please write your chapter by Wendesday because I have a test that day and I want to be cheered up a little bit.Or I will take that chapter from you.
6 days ago
I'm leaning towards Flagstar's Choice because that has some major plot then Piestar's Past after that because of background stories and Sliverstar's Final Stand is very spoiler and important so that happens in Sun Rising,possibly later
6 days ago
Flameclaw's Sde of the Story is done now what next?
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