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Elements Rise: Air's Rush

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6 Chapter - 6.390 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 636 taken-The story is currently being written

The second book in the Elements Rise series!
Collab with Foxhowl


    A dark brown tom hissed. "We've waited too long for this!" She claimed.
        A black she-cat placed the dark clearing, glancing up at the starless night sky. "We have," she snarled in agreement.
         Two calico she-cats let out a battle cry. "They have gone on peacefully for moons!" The one with a pure white tail exclaimed.
        The dark brown tom gave them a silencing glare and the wind rustled the trees. "We will fight when the time is ready." He licked his lips. "Then there won't be any more reason to fight,"
         The cats gathered around him purred maliciously.
       The brown tom puffed out his chest, and the black she-cat flicked her tail.
         "Are you sure we can fight them, Stripeclaw?" She mewed, her ear twitching with annoyance. "They have become strong since Leaf-bare."
       Stripeclaw bared his teeth. "Don't question our strength!" He spat. "Or Moonclaw  will be suffering the consequences." His gaze scanned the five cats in the clearing, as if his threat was towards them, not Moonclaw.
        The dappled calico she-cat with the white tail thrust towards him, lifting her chin. "And what are the consequences?" There was a challenge in her voice.
        The clearing fell silent.
      Stripeclaw began to purr. "Ah, you have spirit, Snowytail."
        Snowytail didn't falter.
    Stripeclaw snarled and struck Snowytail on the cheek.
        The she-cat staggered the the ground, gasping. "How dare you!" She cried, scrambling the her paws again.
        Stripeclaw chuckled.
      He suddenly dug his claws into her back and forced her to the ground. She let out an ear-splitting yowl that was abruptly cut off when Stripeclaw bit her neck and blood poured out.
         The other brown, black, russet, and white female raced over to her lookalike, her horror not even hidden in the slightest.
        She stared at Stripeclaw with her mouth hanging open. "You- you killed her." She mewed dumbfoudedly.
        Stripeclaw twisted his face into an evil grin. "So I did." His eyes glittered maliciously as he gazed at Snowtail's dead body in front of him. "Would you like to leave, Cowfur?" He mewed gently.
       Cowfur's lip trembled as she curled her tail over her paws, sitting down. "No," she whispered, looking terrified as she glanced at him fearfully.
       Moonclaw raced into the bushes. This can't be happening!  Her thoughts whirled as she tumbled into a tree and gasped.
        A rasping laugh came from above her.
       Moonclaw blinked open her eyes and stiffened as she saw the gray shape that loomed over her.
         She tried to skitter away, but the cat held her down.
       Moonclaw realized that this cat was faded so much that she was almost invisible.
       The cat's tail fell to the ground.
      Moonclaw let her fur lie flat and her mew was curt. "Hello," she choked out.
        "I am Mapleshade," the cat rasped. "Get out of my territory."
      Moonclaw narrowed her eyes, feeling defiant. "There are no territories in the Dark Forest."
       Mapleshade smiled- or, whatever you called what her mouth curled into. "Think again, young cat."
        She whipped around and let Moonclaw fall to the ground.
       The black she-cat scrabbled allowed herself to shiver.
      The Dark Forest was an evil, evil place.

    Chapter One

       A silver she-cat hissed. "I'll never do it!"
    A golden tom threw his head back. "You'll never learn if you don't try,"  he groaned.
        A tan tom was standing at the other end of the sandy clearing in the trees, closing his eyes in concentration.
         The golden tom gazed at him for a moment before turning back to the she-kit. "You're being stubborn," he mewed gently.
        The cat stood there.
        The golden tom motioned towards the black tom. "Be more like him, Steam."
        Steam moaned. "But it is so boring!" She meowed. "Flagpost, I can't take it anymore!"
       Flagpost rolled his eyes. "Steam, if I had a mouse for every time you complained, I'd never go hungry."
       Steam bushed out her fur indignantly. "Not fair!" She cried defiantly and stormed away.
        Flagpost sighed. "Fire, how is it coming along?"
      The solid orange she-kit grunted with exertion. "Not well."
          The young kit looked exhausted, and Flagpost could understand why.
       These kits were part of a prophecy, and they needed to train how to use their powers.
        Flagpost took everybody's advice with a mouse-tail. He knew how to raise these kits to become fine cats.
          The fur along the golden tom's shoulders rippled as he lifted his tail. "Breeze!"
       There was no answer.
    Flagpost growled in frustration.
         There was a sing-song call from the undergrowth. "She went north!"
        Flagpost nodded. "Cliff, can you go fetch your sister?"
      Cliff snarled. "I think I was close to getting it right!"
         Flagpost suppressed a snort of disbelief. "You really were," he reassured nonetheless, pressinghis pelt against the young tom's. "Now go." He nosed the tan kit towards where Breeze had left.
         The tom finally, but reluctantly, pushed out of the clearing and into the forest to find his sister.  
        Flagpost ducked under some hanging moss and looked into Steam's dark blue eyes. "Come on," he called softly.
        Her eyes had always reminded him of oceans, deep and blue, nobody knowing what swirled under the surface.
        Steam hung her head. "Alright," she mumbled and followed him back into the clearing.
          The silver she-cat crouched at the edge, hidden by the shadows. "So, what do I...... do?"
         Flagpost grunted in frustration. "Concentrate," he mewed calmly, "think about the river, think about rain, and for StarClan's sake, be quiet."
       Steam huffed and her eyes glazed over.
      Flagpost dipped his head in approval. "Good."
          Steam let out a sharp cry of shock as a huge gust of wind knocked Flagpost straight onto his flank.
        The she-kit rushed over to the golden tom. "Are you okay?"
       "Just winded," he puffed and got to his paws. He grinned. "But now we know that Breeze can use her powers."
         Steam's eyes widened. "Let's to find her," she mewed excitedly.
      Flagpost gave her a stern look. "Stay here," he said. "You need to practice."
        Steam rolled her eyes. "So does Breeze, or else she's going to send us all to the moon with her wind!"
         Flagpost glared at her. "Stay here." He repeated firmly and sprinted into the undergrowth.
         He could hear Steam give an irked cry of rage.
      Flagpost skidded to a halt in front of Cliff. "Have you found her?" He panted.
        Cliff shook his head. "There was too much...."
      His words were drowned out by a sudden gust of wind.
      After the wind died down, Flagpost twitched his tail tip in annoyance. "When we find her, she is going to-"
        Another large surge of wind made Cliff turn his back to it.
      Flagpost couldn't take the wind. "Breeze!" He roared. "Get back here!"
        The light-gray she-kit slid out of the shelter of an elderberry bush with a smirk on her face. "I told you I'd figure it out sooner than you all."
        Flagpost cuffed her around the ear playfully. "Well, now you have to learn how to control them."
        Breeze's blue eyes narrowed. "I can," she mewed.
      A slight breeze ruffled Flagpost's fur. When her turned back to Breeze, her ears were pricked in focus.
        Flagpost stared at her. "Okay," he confessed. "You still need to practice, though."
         Breeze smiled. "Gladly," she meowed and headed back to camp.
      Flagpost sighed. "That she-cat is too sure of herself."
          "Tell me about it," Cliff agreed.
         More wind brought a weed flying into each of the toms' faces.
    "Okay!" Cliff yelled. "We're done!"
         Flagpost nodded vigorously. "Yeah, we got the memo."
       They heard a laugh from Breeze in the bushes, and then nothing.
         Cliff started moving. "I wonder what my power will do," he mewed nervously.
       Flagpost tilted his head in agreement. "It will probably just shake the earth."
        Cliff looked anxious. "Okay..."
      Flagpost shook his head in amusement. His thoughts traveled back to Fire.
        They stepped into the clearing and realized that it felt scorching hot.
       Cliff raised his eyebrows. "Fire?"
      "No, she's fine," Flagpost exhaled.
          Cliff glanced at him with a wild look in his eyes. "No, FIRE!"
      Flagpost turned back to the clearing and felt satisfaction shimmer in his chest. Fire had set one!
         Cliff darted into the clearing. "Steam, make it rain!"
       The she-cat gave him an exasperated glare. "Don't you think I was trying to do that?" She snapped, hopping farther away from the orange flames.
       Fire stood, trapped, in one part of the clearing. "Help!" She wailed.
         Flagpost froze, in fear that all of these kits would die from the smoke in their lungs.
        Steam inhaled calmly and it started to rain, then hail, then drizzle, and then rain again.
        The fire hissed, and the clearing was nothing but black ash and burned sand, grass, and ivy.
        Steam spat. "I can't control it yet!" Rage came off of her in waves, and her shoulders relaxed as the rain eased into a normal shower.
         Flagpost leaped over to her and nudged her with his shoulder. "You did it!"
         Steam flattened her ears. "I did?" She squeaked.
       Cliff nodded from behind Flagpost and shouldered his way in front of the older tom. "You, Breeze, and maybe Fire."
        He looked ashamed, and Flagpost laid his tail across the kit's back. "Fire didn't get it quite right either," he soothed.
       Cliff nodded. "I know," he mewed wearily.
           Flagpost looked across the clearing. Every cat was tired, and Fire looked traumatized.
         Flagpost squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, and then opened them.
      "Everybody, let's get back to camp."
          Fire padded after them stiffly. "I told it to start a spark in the middle of the sand," she meowed miserably, "and it did."
       Flagpost frowned. "Okay," he mewed grimly. "Do you want to ride on my back?" He asked, desperate to ease her pain.
        She had a singed bit of fur on her muzzle, and her left forepaw looked like it was being favored.
         Fire nodded reluctantly. "I know that I'm still a kit," she mewed warningly as she climbed on, "but I can take care of myself."
        Flagpost nodded nonchalantly. "Do you remember Shadow?" He mewed, his voice cracking for his half-sister.
        Fire blinked her amber eyes. "Yes," she whispered. "He was black, sweet, and shy." Her gaze hardened. "He was perfect, and I'll never forget him."
        Flagpost murmured agreement.
      Whitekit and Smallkit greeted the kits of the prophecy warmly.
         "Where were you?" Smallkit mewled.
        "Out." Cliff responded plainly, giving a look to his littermates.
       Fire flopped down into her nest and started to snore softly, which was her way of saying don't bother me right now.
       Flagpost purred. "Steam, try to let the rain stop."
      Steam licked her belly fur sheepishly. "Okay," she mewed.
         Once the kits were all settled in their nests, Flagpost padded into the warriors' den and circled into a nest beside his sister, Moonsong's.
        The gray she-cat twined her tail with his. "Goodnight," she muttered.
       Flagpost closed his eyes. "See you at dawn."

    Chapter Two

      A cry of agony startled Stream awake.
        She tapped Cliff on his shoulder. "Wake up!"
      The moon still shone, high and bright, almost full.
      The tan tom pushed her away with his tail. "I don't want to wake up, Moonsong!"
        Steam rolled her eyes. "Cliff, it's me,"
      Coiff blinked open his yellow eyes. "Oh." He stood up and waved his tail. "Breeze, Fire."
        Smallkit shot up. "What is it?"
      "Nothing," Breeze assured and spun around to face Steam.
      Steam tilted her head towards the entrance.
         "Bye!" Whitekit mewed to them as they left.
       Steam stopped in her tracks as she glanced around the clearing.
         The Dark Forest warriors were attacking.
        Breeze's eyes rounded. "No!"
      A black she-cat turned to her, but she wasn't from ThunderClan.
         Steam remembered seeing her at the last Gathering, in ShadowClan.
       Her fur bristled. This cat was training to be a Dark Forest warrior!
          She launched at her and the larger cat let out a yowl. "Hey!"
        Steam fell back and crouched underneath a cleft in the camp.
           Her friends joined her, along with some ThunderClan warriors.
      She concentrated hard, her mind focused on raindrops and hail.
       She cried out in surprise as it started to hail down on the Dark Forest warriors.
       They all yelped in pain as large beech-nut sized hailstones barreled down on them.
        Steam beamed. "It worked!"
       Cliff turned to her, a smile rippling across his face. "It did."
            "Uh, hello?" Breeze mewed. The two siblings spun around to face her. "They are still here!"
        Steam glanced at them again, and they were definently still there.
    Cliff snarled. "You can't defeat us!"
         As if proving a point, the tip of a dark brown tom's tail lit on fire.
       Breeze snorted. "Nice job, Fire!"
    The orange kit looked embarrassed. "I've been practicing," she mewed modestly.
        Breeze grinned as the wind knocked the Dark Forest warriors down.
       "Hey!" The black she-cat who Steam had attacked earlier whispered. "You are the kits from the prophecy, aren't you?"
        Cliff nodded.
      Steam scowled. "Come on, she's our enemy!"
    The black cat shook her head. "I was tricked," she mewed. "Stripeclaw is too evil."
        Steam noticed she had been looking at the brown tabby standing broad and tall, like their leader.
        Steam tipped her head. "Everyone says that at some point," she agreed. "C'mon, show us your loyalty."
        Breeze stepped in front of her remaining family just as Flagpost and Moonsong came out of the warriors' den.
        "ThunderClan, we need to pounce while they are vulnerable!"
      Most of the cats were staring dumbfoundedly at the four kits. "Okay..." they muttered after a moment.
        Breeze sent a gust of wind to stun them, then the warriors attacked.
       Moonsong walked up to the black she-cat and smiled warmly. "I knew you would choose the right side, Moonclaw."
        The two she-cats nodded at each other and dashed to fight the Dark Forest warriors.
       Flagpost glanced at the kits. "Cliff, try to make an earthquake,"  He urged, gazing worriedly at his sister.
        Breeze narrowed her eyes. "What is up with that ShadowClan and your sister?"
       Flagpost inhaled sharply. "I'll explain later," he mewed quickly. "Cliff!"
        The tan tom shook his head. "I can't do it," he meowed plaintively. "I just can't."
       Breeze bristled. "Then let's fight!"
    "Yeah!" Fire trilled in agreement. "We already taunted them with our powers!"
       Cliff tilted his head at Flagpost as if to say, yeah.
    Flagpost frowned. "Alright."
        Breeze flexed her claws. "I'll get the white one," she growled. "Cliff and Fire need to tackle the big one with you, Flagpost."
        Steam felt utterly forgotten. "What about me?"
    Breeze gave a little oh  and stepped over to her. "Well," she looked at the roof of the cleft. "Uh, go help Moonsong and the black cat."
        Steam felt embittered. Why had she gotten the last job?
      Her littermates scampered off to do their tasks, and she puffed out her chest.
        There was a mangy tom at the edge of the clearing, near the nursery.
       Steam barreled into him with a snarl. "Get out of here, flea-bag!"
    The white tom growled. "A kit is scratching me, Stripeclaw!" He moaned mockingly. "Oh, save me!"
       Steam realized with a jolt that they were, indeed, still five and a half moons old.
       "I- I'm sorry," she murmured shamefully and leaped across the camp into the nursery.
        Steam had always been the most frail, the runt of the litter.
      Sadness stabbed into her chest. Shadow had been small, like her.
          Steam lie down numbly in her nest.
       Smallkit and Whitekit tipped their heads at her. "Are you okay, Steam?" Whitekit asked.
          Steam nodded wearily.
      Anyways, she was nothing but a useless kit.

    Chapter Three

      Cliff jumped on the brown tabby's back and Fire clawed at his face.
        He hiccuped in rage and shook Cliff off.
      Before Cliff allowed himself to be thrown off of his back, he bit the tom's neck.
         The tan kit was flung at the ground, but with satisfaction he licked his lips, which tasted of blood.
         Fire didn't seem to care that they agreed to no more powers, and flames showed in her anger eyes.
        The brown tom cried out as heat seared his pelt, fire singing every tip of every fur.
       Cliff gave her a glare and she shied away.
    "We are kits," she hissed. "What else can we do?"
          Breeze ran up to them, Moonsong and Moonclaw flanking her. "Need help?"
         Cliff nodded. "That would be nice."
      Breeze unsheathed her claws. "I'm coming for you, Stripeclaw."
         Cliff tried to hide his surprise at how his sister knew this tom's name.
        She snarled and lunged at him, but Moonclaw held her back.
      Something flickered in her eyes. "He's mine."
         Cliff looked away and covered Fire's eyes as the black cat dug her claws into his throat, killing him.
           They rushed over to Flagpost with the she-cats.
       The golden tom twitched his whiskers. "Fire, you are like a dandelion that's been stepped on."
       Fire flicked her ear. "How so?"
      Flagpost purred. "Both of you only come back up with half your fluff!"
        Cliff glanced at the orange she-cat and noticed that tufts of her fur were missing.
       "Oh, he got you good," Cliff soothed her.
      Fire tore away from him. "Where's Steam?" She asked.
         Flagpost looked at Breeze, then Cliff and Fire. "Moonclaw is our sister," he swallowed. "She went to join ShadowClan and then the Dark Forest."
       Breeze curled her lip. "I knew I smelled ShadowClan!"
         Flagpost quieted her. "Our mother sent Moonclaw away as a kit, and wanted Moonsong to be linked to her, so she named them both Moonkit and sent them their separate ways."
       Moonclaw ducked her head. "Stripeclaw ruined my life," her mew trembled. "And so I had to ruin his."
        Breeze dipped her head in respect. Cliff guessed that not many cats had the same manner as his light gray sister.
      "Where's Steam?" Fire repeated.
         Flagpost angled his ears towards the nursery. "She ran in there after you guys didn't give her anything to do."
       Fire gasped guiltily. "Just because she's a bit scrawny doesn't mean that she can be tossed aside like that!" She flattened her ears. "You guys could have told her to make it rain. It's harder to fight in the rain."
        Fire twisted around and dashed into the nursery.
       Cliff was pained to see his little sister so angry.
           Breeze had been born first and seemed to have everything come naturally to her- powers, fighting, leadership.
       Cliff was bad at everything, and was usually overlooked for everything but fighting.
       As sadness rippled through him, he felt a jolt underneath him.
    The ground was shaking!
         Joy filled him. His powers were working!
       He padded into the nursery and sat down next to Steam.
          Fire had already snuggled up beside her, the two sisters' pelts brushing.
        Cliff looked at the ground. "I'm sorry that we didn't give you a task that you liked," he shifted his feet. His mew had a hint of irony in it.
       Steam glared at him. "So what, I can't fight?" Her voice was muffled from the moss. "I can protect the queens and kits, I can tell everyone that it is okay, I can make it rain." She sniffled. "But all Breeze cares about is defeating those Dark Forest warriors."
       Cliff nodded happily. "Yeah, she didn't mean it."
      Fire lashed her tail. "Then get Breeze in here herself to apologize."
        Steam closed her eyes. "Really, I'm fine,"
      Cliff smiled. "We defeated their leader," he mewed. "They won't come back for a while."
        Steam bit her lip to maintain her frown. "But they will," she reasoned. "They'll be training harder everyday."
       Cliff gave her a somber look. "So will we."

    Chapter Four

    Breeze rolled over in her nest, unable to sleep.
       She felt guilty for everything she had said to Steam. She hadn't meant it that way; it was a coincidence that it sounded like that.
       And she was even more guilty that she had made Flagpost come and find her. He had an apprentice who hardly ever trained with him anymore, because of the prophecy.
    Poor Wingpaw. Breeze flattened her ears. She didn't deserve this.
         By far, the thing on her conscience was how both Moonsong and Flagpost's apprentices were being held up with training.
         But before Breeze could think about that, her eyelids began to feel heavy and she fell asleep.
         In the morning, the light barely filtered into the nursery.
      "Hey, Wingpaw!" She called to her as Breeze stretched.
          The pretty light-brown she-cat blinked. "What is it?"
        Breeze glanced around. "Go find your littermates, let's play a game!"
        Wingpaw raised one of her moth-colored paws. "Why should I listen to a kit?" She asked softly. "And us apprentices have work to do."
        Breeze sat down, swishing her tail. "Come on, it's only a little game," she mewed. "And anyways, your mentors aren't training you right after dawn are they?"
       Wingpaw raised her eyebrows. "Yeah," her eyes narrowed, but she looked agreeable. "I'll get Foxpaw and Meadowpaw."
        Breeze made a face. "What about Vixenpaw?"
         Wingpaw rolled her eyes. "He's a bit crabby these days," she said.
      Breeze felt her heart sink involuntarily. "Oh," she meowed after a moment. "But... we should invite him..."
        Wingpaw shifted her gaze. "Yeah, I guess we should invite everyone."
        Breeze nodded. "I want to teach them a new game."
       Wingpaw looked uncomfortable and shuffled off to the apprentices den.
         Breeze stuck her head into the nursery again. "Smallkit, do you want to play?"
        The white tom flicked his ears. "Sure!"
       Whitekit popped up. "What about me?" She squeaked.
      Breeze nodded. "Both of you!"
          She felt bad for leaving Cliff, Fire, and Steam behind, but she figured it was the least she could do to let them sleep in a little.
         Breeze shrugged and moved to sit in the clearing.
       Wingpaw appeared moments later, lots of orange, brown, and golden fur behind her.
        Vixenpaw's fur looked ruffled, but he still looked casual.
      Breeze's pelt instantly felt hot as Vixenpaw's gaze fell on her.
          Foxpaw bounded up to her. "What is the new game?" She asked.
        Meadowpaw lumbered past her. "Stop acting like a kit, Foxpaw!"
      Foxpaw tucked in her head and swallowed a purr.
          Breeze couldn't tug her eyes away from Vixenpaw, until he stared right at her.
        Both of the white kits pressed into her side.
      Whitekit had a teasing face on. "You like him!" She accused in a whisper.
        Breeze shoved her away. "I do not," she retorted, but her gaze was still glued to Vixenpaw's handsome frame and golden markings.
       Smallkit let out a mroww  of amusement. "I'm a tom, and even I can see it," he pointed out somberly.
       Breeze flicked him with her claw. "Sure," she meowed.
         Meadowpaw turned his head towards her. She didn't flinch, but then he motioned with his head at Vixenpaw, then made a gesture with his tail as if he was twining it with some cat's.
        Breeze gave a humph.
      Foxpaw's amber eyes were bright with interest. "Can we play the game now?" She asked excitedly, her tail lashing irrationally.
         Breeze hung her head. "Yeah," she breathed.
       She drew a large circle big enough for all the cats to gather around a mouse-length apart. "This is the circle that you guys have to get around," she mewed. "Then sit down, and one cat is chosen." She dipped her head toward Vixenpaw, feeling embarrassed. "Vixenpaw will be the hawk, so he has to close his eyes."
         The brown tom's whiskers twitched and he closed his eyes.
      Breeze smiled. "Then we have to choose one cat to be the fox!" She whispered, just loud enough for Vixenpaw to hear. "Foxpaw, why don't you be the fox?"
      The orange apprentice nodded eagerly.
         "So Foxpaw has to stick her tongue out at every one of us, but if Vixenpaw, the hawk, catches Foxpaw killing us, then Vixenpaw wins," she sniffed. "So if Foxpaw sticks her tongue out at me, then I'm dead."
       Breeze fell over dramatically as the she-cat hesitantly stuck her tongue out at her.
        Meadowpaw laughed. "So we just... die?"
        Wingpaw sat down and curled her tail over her paws. "I'm ready for the real game now."
        Breeze told Vixenpaw to open his eyes, then blindly chose a new hawk.
        "Wingpaw," she announced.
       The light brown medicine cat apprentice closed her eyes.
      "Okay," Breeze whispered. "Now we have to choose a fox, but not let Wingpaw hear us!"
         Foxpaw wiggled on her haunches.
       Meadowpaw shifted his paws. "Can I be the fox?"
          Breeze nodded with another glance at Vixenpaw. "Okay, Wingpaw, open your eyes!"
        All of the cats scattered into a circle around the one that was drawn in the sandy dirt.
        Meadowpaw stuck his tongue out at Smallkit, and she heard a thump as he hit the ground.
         The tom giggled. "I'm dead!"
       Foxpaw leaned over and flicked him with her tail. "Yeah, and dead cats don't talk!"
         Smallkit closed his mouth with an inhibited look.
       Breeze kept her eyes on Vixenpaw and saw something out of the corner of her eyesight.
           Meadowpaw coughed. "Breeze," he mewed fake-hoarsley.
         The light gray she-cat blushed sheepishly and fell to the ground.
        Vixenpaw grunted with amusement.
            Breeze held her breath.
         Wingpaw's breath quickened as Breeze heard a thump as if Meadowpaw had "killed" another cat. "I saw you, Meadowpaw!"
        Meadowpaw lashed his tail as every cat got back up to their sitting position. "I only had Whitekit and Vixenpaw to kill!" He protested, but he stood up straighter. "How about Wingpaw becomes the fox now?" He offered.
        Breeze glanced at the sky, trying to look thoughtful. "Sure!"
      Vixenpaw started to purr. "I'll be the hawk, then."
          All of the cats murmured in agreement.
        Breeze couldn't stop grinning as Vixenpaw turned his handsome gaze towards her.
         She felt a tail on her back and turned around to see a white pelt.
      "Smallkit, I do not like him," she mewed again, but she wasn't sure this time.

    Chapter Five

    Fire waved her tail at Steam. "Come on," she mewed softly.
        Steam yawned and looked at the huge moon. "Do we have to go now?" She asked.
       Fire resisted the urge to stretch her jaws in a large yawn as well. "I just feel it," she persisted, but she could understand. Breeze, Cliff, Whitekit and Smallkit were all asleep in their nests, having had a long day fighting the Dark Forest.
       Steam ducked through the undergrowth, then closed her eyes and breathed in the air as they padded out of the trees.
      Fire stopped. "We need to stick to ThunderClan territory," she mewed. "So we can't follow the path into WindClan."
        Steam mumbled something reluctantly.
      Fire held her nose high as she led the way.
          The two she-cats looked at each other halfway through. "Can we stop?" Steam puffed.
        Fire stopped with a sigh. "Why don't we take a break under those bushes?"
        Steam nodded. "Remember that we're kits, and it's hard to travel with kits."
        Fire rolled her eyes. "We are only 6 moons old!" She mewed as she began to stride over to the low bushes. "We should be apprentices by now."
         Steam glanced to the side. "I don't know," she confessed. "It's kinda a lot to train for our powers on top of warrior training."
           Fire growled. "It's enough."
        Steam looked at her paws uncertainly. "Okay."
      The two kits reached the holly bushes and sighed in relief.
      Fire melted into the shade of the bush. "We'll be back to camp before dawn," she commented gratefully.
             Steam's only reply was a huff.
        "C'mon, let's go."
      Steam rolled over. "Please, just another moment?"
         Fire smirked. "Yeah, sure, but you're just as weak and scrawny as they say you are."
          Steam scrambled up. "No, no I'm coming!"
        Fire smiled as she bounded up the tree side.
       The rocky trail was just on the other side of the border, and they could get Steam to wash their scent away with her rain.
        Fire twisted her mouth into a grimace. "We are going to go on the trail," she announced. "The grass here wraps around, notmgoes straight to. The path through WindClan is less chance to slip and fall." She angled her ears towards the steep slope on top of the grassy plain. "And up there, we have almost no chance of staying on our paws."
       Steam nodded hesitantly. "But... WindClan will scent us."
          Fire twisted her tail. "No cat in their right mind would border patrol all the way up here."
        Steam bushed her tail. "I'll make it rain!"
      Fire nodded, her tail slashing the air amusedly.
        The kits ran up the trail, Fire feeling exposed in a way that she never would in the trees.
         Steam seemed to be enjoying it. "Are we almost there?" She called.
        "Yes!" Fire yowled back.
        Steam's tail fell.
       Fire slowed to accommodate the smaller kit and shook one of her paws.
       Steam stared at the sky. "Do you think mother, father, and.." she choked. "Shadow- are up there?"
         Fire gave her younger sister's head a comforting lick. "I'm sure."
       Steam gave her a playful grin. "Last one there is a furball!"
          The gray she-cat giggled as she dashed away. Fire purred as she went after her.
        Steam turned the corner to the Moonpool, where Fire couldn't see her.
       Fire heard an unearthly shriek and froze.
    It was Steam's voice.
         Fire screwed up her eyes and raced into the Moonpool to see Steam below the surface of the icy water.
       "Save..." Steam gurgled before her head went under the water again. "Me!"
         Steam began to float below the Moonpool and bubbles floated to the top.
       Fire widened her eyes. "What do I do?" She wailed.
      A sudden thought struck her head, but she pushed it away. Outrageous.
        Fire twisted her nose. There was no other way.
         An ember splashed into the water and Fire ran into the forest with all of her might.
      She lugged brambles and logs and wood into the Moonpool and soon there were enough to cover the entire length.
       Fire squinted and one of the logs burst into flames, drying up the water next to it.
       Fire squealed in delight as the other logs caught on fire.
    Steam's cough sounded from inside the large hole filled with logs and nothing else.
         Fire's face was grim. "Steam, you need to make it rain." The gray kit would burn up if the fire wasn't put out.
       Steam stared at her blankly. "How?"
      Fire sat down and wrapped her tail around her paws. "Only you can put out the fire."
        Steam still looked in shock. "I can't!"
      Fire lie down and covered her face in her paws. "If you cannot you will die," she sobbed.
       There was a muffled grunt from Steam and Fire felt a tiny drop on her shoulder.
       There was another drop, and Fire opened her eyes.
      It was raining!
          There were few raindrops, but the fire was hissing and sizzling.
         Fire hauled her sister out of the Moonpool and the sisters stood, muscles relaxing, next to it.
       The Moonpool was dry.
      Steam and Fire looked into each other's eyes in panic.
    What would happen now?

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