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Chasing the Sun Chapter 8

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This is a rewrite of the chapter I wrote I didn't think it was good so I wrote a new one before Chapter 9 was made So Here you guys go!

Foxhowl stared at the pine forest. She had been waiting to see her brother Fox's Moon and her sister Leaf's Flutter in her dreams from The Tribe of Endless Hunting for half a moon now. Foxhowl turned around as a fox colored tom with yellow eyes leaped passed her. "Father!" Foxhowl purred. "I wouldn't miss out on this travel my little fox." Foxhowl's Father mewed. "I miss Fox's Moon and Leaf's Flutter." Foxhowl mewed softly. "I know Foxhowl but what happened with Sharp Tooth was no one's fault stop blaming yourself for what happened. You wanted to come here so look to the bright side." "I will Father." Foxhowl smiled. "Your amber glow like the sun my kit." Foxhowl's Father mewed. "I may still be a kit but I firece!" Foxhowl purred. "Oh yes my firece kit." Foxhowl's Father smiled. Foxhowl rembered what had called her to the pine forest after Sharp Tooth. "Foxhowl didn't you hear me?" Foxhowl's father mewed. "What did you Father?" Foxhowl mewed pulling her away from her thoughts. "I said why don't we worked on your blind side?" Foxhowl's Father mewed. "Ummm sure Father." Foxhowl mewed. Foxhowl heard a stick crack. "Foxhowl climb a tree quickly!" Foxhowl's Father yowled. Foxhowl could smell the dog now as the dog came over the hill. Foxhowl's Father leaped at the dog and bit the dog. The dog fell to the ground. Foxhowl climbed down the tree. "Father are you ok?" Foxhowl asked her father. "Foxhowl I can't take you any farther. You are on your own now." Foxhowl's Father voice cracked. "Why Father why can't you take me any farther?" Foxhowl mewed. "I just can't leave the mountains without the family. I feel broken without your mother, sister, and brother. Leaving the mountains will just break me more." Foxhowl's Father mewed. "I understand I will come back someday Father." Foxhowl mewed.

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We aren't siblings we just live in the same apartment building, but she spends the night a bunch
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Haha I stole your tablet jay stop acting like we don't live together on the same device
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No, it is coming along fine. I just have to get so many more OCs to complete the game... if any of you who haven't made one yet could, I would appreciate it
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Sure, luv. How are you coming along with the warriors game?
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you mean like Bramblestar and Firestar? Cuz nobody can trust Pinestar, can they? lel
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Coolio I guess. But it is true, you can never trust a tom unless he is Clan leader of ThunderClan XD
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Lets all hope Henry doesn't get back on here and see that because Clearsight is my main OC and if I could be any of them I would be her and she is Henry's mate *blushes*
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I have a new side edition to make called Clearsight's Grief.Here is the preview
Clearsight saw Henry with Snowcanary together and sagged slightly crying.Anisepaw walked over to her."What's wrong?"she asked."Never trust a tom."said Clearsight.
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Also, I think you should be Dawnbridge and your puppy should be Turtlefin. Supes cute!
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Hey guys! I am almost done with my Warrior Cats: The Game, so JayfeatherBB will give you the link in about three weeks! :) Thanks!
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So, me and my puppy, Goose, are trying so hard to figure out costumes for Halloween. We are both going to be Warriors from my series, and I am his mother so I am going to be Dawnbridge and he will be Turtlefin or I will be Sheentail and he will be Stark... what's-his-name, or I am Shimmerlight and he is Emberkit or Shinepelt......... But he is a boy so XD which one should I choose?
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Good.Also,time for your chapter!I think.Le'me cheak!
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I already asked, she doesn't really care but she's excited for Moon Rising, so that one would be good for her I think
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Since I already have chasing the sun planned out can you ask her if she can do chapter five of moon rising?