Things to do when bored

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These are some things you can do when bored. They may be boring at first, but when you get into it, it’s fun!

  • Place 10
    Make a PowerPoint
  • Place 9
    Do below prank:
    Text a friend of opposite gender:
    “Do you want to be my boy/girlfriend?”
    See their response and after that say, “OMG I meant, do you want to meet my friend!” There. Perfect way to see how they feel about that for the future.
  • Place 8
    Good at it? Cool, then it should be enjoyable. Bad at it? If you practice you’ll improve.

  • Place 7
    Meme rabbitholes
    Go down one. Just google a meme, and click on a link, and get carried away into the meme rabbithole!
  • Place 6
    Get a plasma ball
    Get a plasma ball
    These are super cool! I have one. But users beware! It is not purple as it shows in the picture. It is more of a red orange color. with white.
  • Place 5
    Print out pics and make collage

  • Place 4
    Find your fandom!
  • Place 3
    Try on different aesthetic clothes
  • Place 2
    Browse YouTube
  • Place 1
    Browse AllTheTests!

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25 days ago
Alan Walker da best and ok Becca
26 days ago
Sounds good! I’ll be there soon
26 days ago
Yeah, that'd be cool! Hey Becca, if you would like to, you can chat with me. I have a place in my not included tests, it ends in 658 it's a Chat Room that yu can go to if you want to talk to me we can also talk here too if u want.
27 days ago
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I wish he would do a song with Marshmello that would just make my life complete (I know he did a remix, but i mean a real song)!
27 days ago
27 days ago
I love Alan Walker!!
29 days ago
Also if ur bored you could get a Lupor's Lens (invisibility cloaking device) Very fun
29 days ago
Nice! I enjoy drawing very much. I have drawn Alan Walker, who is a famous producer. Thanks, Becca!!! :)
29 days ago
No problem Pink! Glad you like it.
29 days ago
These are very helpful, thank you! :D